Top 10 SharePoint Development Companies

SharePoint comes as the first choice when it comes to corporate collaboration and intranet websites. SharePoint is one of the most sought-after collaborative platforms, mainly because of its extensive range of functionalities and ease of use. What’s best about it is that it can be developed, integrated, and customized as per your business needs and requirements. However, the key to successful implementation and usage of SharePoint lies within its optimal configuration and integration with your business operations and employees.

There are several SharePoint Development Companies out there in the market, that are providing amazing SharePoint Development Services, and consulting them can help you attain greater efficiency and effectiveness with your SharePoint solution. If you are looking for a SharePoint Development Company which provides reliable SharePoint Consulting Services and SharePoint Development Companies, then let’s take a look at the list of Top 10 SharePoint Development Companies that we have created for your convenience.

1. Code Creators Inc.

Code Creators Inc. is the leading SharePoint Development company headquartered in the USA and Canada, Code Creators Inc. is the premium choice when it comes to SharePoint Development. Code Creators Inc. (CCI) was established in 2010 as an innovative IT Consulting and Software Development Company. CCI has expended tremendously in all these years of service. By now, the company has successfully delivered 200+ SharePoint Solutions to its diverse clients all across the world. Code Creators Inc. takes pride in serving Fortune 500 Companies from 45 different industries.

Rates – $25 – $49 /hr.

2. Science Soft

Science Soft is another leading name within the industry among well-versed SharePoint Development Companies. With an extensive experience of more than 30 years in hand, Science Soft also has plenty of elite clients like IBM, eBay, etc. on its client portfolio. To date, the company has served 150+ successful SharePoint solutions to its clients all across the world. The company is headquartered in the USA but it remotely serves its clients globally.

Rates – $25 – $49 /hr. depending on the services.

3. Unily (BrightStarr Formerly)

Known as BrightStarr formerly, Unily is another great name for SharePoint Development. Unily is an ideal SharePoint Development Partner with remarkable SharePoint Development skills and capabilities. Although Unily is a small company, it still supports and serves complex enterprises with high flexibility. Unily has its office established in UK and USA. The company is well-known for providing a completely digital work setting that integrates Yammer, Skype for Business, One Drive, SharePoint Online, etc.

Rates – $150 – $199 /hr.

4. Iflexion

Another big name in the market is Inflexion which is a remarkable SharePoint Development Company. Inflexion is known for providing a complete range of SharePoint Development Services and SharePoint Consulting Services. With 20+ years of experience in hand, the company has extensive knowledge and expertise in hand, combined with ground-breaking tools and technologies. This helps Inflexion serving and providing its clients with unique, innovative, and tailor-made SharePoint solutions with consistency.

Rates – $25 – $149 /hr. subjected to the types of service offered.

5. AIMDek Technologies

If you are looking for a SharePoint partner which provides a complete range of SharePoint Consulting and Development Service, then AIMDek is the ideal choice for you. The company is reliable in dealing with start-ups, small and medium-sized companies. AIMDek is known for providing innovative SharePoint products and solutions. The company has a tremendous track record of serving clients in diverse industries including Sports, Education, Manufacturing and Banking, etc.

Rates – $25 – $49 /hr.

6. Affirma Consulting

If you are looking for a full-service range for your SharePoint Development project, then Affirma could serve as the best choice. Affirma is an award-winning software development and tech consultancy based in India, the USA, and Ireland. Affirma specializes in dealing with Mobile, Cloud, Technology Infrastructure, Staffing Services, Intelligence, and SharePoint solutions. Affirma takes pride in serving clients like TreeTop, Starbucks and Children’s Hospital, etc.

Rates – $100 – $149 /hr.

7. Viftech Solutions

Another leading SharePoint Developer in the market is Viftech Solutions. Viftech Solutions is well-known for its wide range of technology options and expertise and also for its flexibility to deal with all types of business enterprises. With extensive expertise in hand, Viftech solutions is especially known for developing tailor-made SharePoint solutions, that it provides to its diverse clients all across the world. The company has a big market name like J&J, Nestle, Coca Cola and Standard Chartered Bank on its list.

Rates – $100 – $149 /hr.

8. Aufait Technologies

Aufait is an Indian-based software development company. The company is mainly focused on developing digital workplaces aimed at enhancing customer experience and employee productivity. Aufait is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner which has provided countless SharePoint solutions to its global clients. Aufait has a dedicated team of software and SharePoint developers that are fully capable of customized SharePoint Enterprise Mobility and MS Office 365 SharePoint solutions. You can easily hire expert SharePoint developers, business analysts, quality assurance, and project managers.

Rates – $25 – $49 /hr.

9. Binary Republik

Binary Republik is a renowned SharePoint Development that loves to work in close collaboration with all its clients. It is a SharePoint Consulting Company that covers the complete range of SharePoint Consulting and Development company which never let you down, no matter what your requirements are. Binary Republik is also an affordable option to working with if you also want a unique and innovative SharePoint solution on your table while ensuring the fact that you got the most efficient and intuitive solution for your business.

Rates – $25 – $49 /hr.

10. WebFX

WebFX is primarily an internet marketing company that offers a complete range of unique business solutions and innovative cloud options for all types and sizes of companies. WebFX is a leading company that is designing cloud and intranet SharePoint solutions. At WebFX, you can find the complete range of SharePoint Development Services at very affordable rates.

Rates – $100 – $149 /hr.

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