Top 10 Most Common HTML Interview Questions and Answers

If you’re a web programmer, it’s almost sure that you’ll encounter several HTML interview questions during the process of your hire. HTML programming is considered to be the basics of web-programming and creating websites from the scratch.

Some might tell that you don’t need to go through the HTML interview questions because there are other programming much important for web-development . Don’t believe what people tell you. No, HTML language is still not obsolete. Every company would require a web-programmer with the basic knowledge and understanding of HTML.

Here we list the top 10 most common HTML interview questions that you are almost certain to encounter.

1. What is HTML?

Answer: HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. The first common language of the WWW (World Wide Web), HTML is a language to create pages as websites on the web.

2. Do you know common lists used to design a page?

Answer: Yes. HTML pages are created with contents, and tags. The lists that can be used to design a page in HTML are- ordered lists, unordered lists, definition lists, menu lists, and directory lists. These lists will require different sets of tags.

3. What are tags?

Answer: Tags are special sets of functions used to format contents inside a HTML page. Tags generally start with <tag_shortcode> and end in </tag_shortcode). A slash is compulsory in the end tag.

4. Are all HTML tags paired?

Answer: No. It is not always necessary to end HTML tags. Some of those tags that don’t require an end tag are <img>, <br>, etc.

5. Are comments visible in HTML? How do you use them?

Answer: No. Comments are written to make the source code understandable and they are not visible on a web page. Comments can be inserted with  “<!–“ and “–>”with comments placed between those two symbols.

6. How do you add a copyright symbol on a HTML page?

Answer: Copyright symbol can be either copied and pasted from other sources. Or, you can also add it by writing a small piece of code: &copy; or & #169; in the required page.

7. Are there advantages of collapsing white spaces?

Answer: Yes. Collapsing white spaces is one good way of writing HTML codes in organized way. White spaces act similar to single spaced character and occupy the same size as rest of the characters. By collapsing multiple white spaces, we can indent lines of text and make the code more readable.

8. What is an image map?

Answer: Image mapping lets a user to link one image to different web pages in and out of the website. It is the process of defining special shapes inside an image and link it to different destinations.

9. Can you change attribute values?

Answer: Some attribute values can be set to anything while some can accept only a particular value. They have dual role in HTML programming.

10. What is the purpose of using alternative texts in images?

Answer: The basic purpose of using alternative texts is to define what the image is about. During an image mapping, it can be confusing and difficult to understand what hotspots correspond to a particular link. These alternative texts come in action here and put a description at each link which makes it easy for users to understand the hotspot links easily.

Believe me or not, some programmers find these general sets of HTML interview questions difficult to answer. Your potential employer will surely put in a few of these questions while hiring for a front end developer.

Let us know if you could answer all of these most common HTML interview questions without any difficulty!