Top 10 Most Common HR Interview Questions and Answers

Human resource (HR) generally refers to people or workforce in an organization who are responsible for performing several operations and tasks within an organization. The basic aim of a HR is to take an organization towards its goals and objectives.

In general, a human resource manager is responsible for hiring employees within the organization taking the technical skills, and interpersonal behavior into considerations. HR interview questions can be really simple to answer but to get hired and make the best out of the interview, you’ll need to have a unique answer, something that most of your competitors won’t be able to.

HR interview questions basically are about introducing yourself, your field of expertise and your role in the organization that you want to be employed at. A good or a bad interview with the HR manager will sure you about your position and it’s always best to be prepared for what questions you’ll be expecting in a HR interview session.

Here we list down the top most common HR interview questions that you’re sure to go through.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This question is most likely to occur in any HR interview session after you get yourself seated and greet the HR manager. When you are in a professional interview session, you need to have an adept knowledge about what position you’re applying in and what opportunities you have. You don’t need to tell your name again here because that’s already on your CV or in the list that the HR manager is looking at.

Sample Answer: I have been working as a sales manager in X company for X year. With experiences in X field, I’ve been able to take lead for sales and drive the company towards completing the goals on time. I know exactly how to market products in the market, take charge of the daily expense and tailor the needs of the organization properly.

2. Why would you like to join us?

This is one of the first deciding questions that HR professionals love to ask. You have chances that you miss out your perspective on the organization or you might do much better than what is expected from you. Make sure you tell your past experiences and what skills you carry for the new company you’re recruiting for.

Sample Answer: I’ve worked with organization X for five years and have gained experiences with my client-facing roles. With my professional development over the years, I can make a good organizational impact and can retain the client base while also increasing it with time. I am confident that I can boost the goals of the organization while also benefiting my career along with it.

3. Why are you leaving your current job for us?

This question is similar to the above one. However, the new company managers would want to know if you had any issues or if you’re leaving your past company on good terms or not. If you’re leaving on a good note, there’s not a problem and you can share things about why the new organization suits you better. If you left the organization on bad terms, make sure you tell the truth. It might do some harm, but telling lies will get you caught eventually.

Sample Answer: With my developing career, the past organization I worked at had limited resources and I could not personify my talent in to the business. Despite the transitions I made throughout, the growth potential was still not much higher with lesser clients and dwindling budget. This organization is where I feel to belong; with adequate resources, good reach to the clients, large market share, etc.

4. What do you know about us?

This must be the easiest HR interview question. Everyone does some research about the type of the company one is going to attend. Apart from knowing just the basics, make sure you know the history, competitors and accomplishments the organization has made.

Sample Answer: You company outranks firm X, Y or Z in this area while the reach of it is lesser in A part. I can optimize my skills and set a plan to compete with those companies where we currently lack. Together with this, I can also create plans on sustaining the budget and making the most out of it to grow further.

Make sure to be specific with your answers.

5. Do you have any questions to ask?

Always make sure that you also have something to talk about. This shows that you have good interpersonal skill and that you are competitive and enthusiastic.

Sample Answer: You can ask questions like- What are the company cultures? or, What are you looking for in a candidate?

6. Do you have any weaknesses?

This one is a trick HR interview question. Everyone has flaws and nobody is perfect at one’s work. You can always opt to choose between your professed weakness or something that is not vital for the current work. Another way is to describe something about your personal weakness, something like you can be demanding at times and pressurize people under you to work better or so.

Sample Answer: I’ve not worked in such big organization as of now and the only weakness I currently hold is the lack of experience to be a part of such big firm. Despite the fact, I still hope to cope up really well and perform my regular duties and thrive quickly here.

7. How much salary would you expect from us?

You might not have any idea about how much the company pays. The pay scale is different for each company but you still need to have a rough idea about it. If you are a fresher, go for something that you think is necessary, or if you are experienced, you surely will like to demand more.

Sample Answer: Working in the past company I made $20,000 per month. With large resource I need to handle and large area of work I need to look over in this company, I believe $30,000 per month might do me pretty well.

8. How outgoing are you?

Sometimes a company might be looking for people who are good at their work while also good outside. Like, a company can go on a party or a tour and they still can be expecting you to be doing good and co-operating.

Sample Answer: I really love to travel and meet new people. Alongside my work inside office, I’m co-operative outside and I love partying as well. I am good at sports and that should mean just perfect to what you require.

9. Can you work under pressure?

There are always pressures while working within an organization and the bigger the organization, the more the work and pressure. HR managers include such question in HR interviews to make sure that you are daring and can go through hard work with ease.

Sample Answer: Yes. I’ve worked under pressure while working for my past companies as well. I’ve a good idea about how to go through heavy work-load and I can manage extra time as well to complete the organization’s goal on time. There should really be no problem on it.

10. Are you willing to travel or relocate?

Sometimes a company might be working at some other place or you might need to enroll in some other branch. Make sure if you are fit for that location or there won’t be a problem for you to move out. If there is a problem, tell them straight. You should not worry about this question much.

Sample Answer: I surely would love to travel but my family resides here and my children need to study. At X place, the education cost are much higher while the salary I might be getting won’t be able to cover up my travel expenses. I’d love to be with you here if there are no problems.

The above listed most common HR interview questions are encountered almost every once in a while during an interview. Make sure that you prepare them and not learn them by heart. These HR interview question with answers will surely help you get through the interview.

We wish you all the luck!