Top 10 HIPAA Compliance Software

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996 in the U.S. It is designed to protect health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs. HIPAA requires national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers. HIPAA also addresses the security and privacy of health data. The standards are meant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system by encouraging the widespread use of electronic data interchange in the health care system.

Healthcare organizations that store, handle or transmit personal health information have to comply with HIPAA and safeguard all protected data. Non-compliance with HIPAA can lead to significant fines and penalties.

HIPAA compliance software helps organizations comply with HIPAA policies, including security regulations, by automating the process. Automation reduces risks of human error and non-compliance, brings efficiencies, and reduces the costs of compliance.

HIPAA compliance software has a number of characteristics, including:

  • Assessment and evaluation of an organization’s HIPAA compliance status, including ability to respond to internal and external compliance audits
  • Management of HIPAA policies, processes and procedures, including definition of requirements
  • Identification and management of non-compliance items with regards to HIPAA’s privacy and security standards, including logging of issues, task assignments, dashboards, and reporting
  • Risk management
  • Central administration of all HIPAA-related data, documentation and information
  • Electronic collaboration between members of an organization, and between the organization and external partners

If you are considering the purchase of HIPAA compliance software, it is useful to determine whether you need a comprehensive system to manage all regulatory compliance needs, or only HIPAA compliance. Also, some vendors may offer HIPAA compliance software as standalone software that you install on your IT network, or as Software as a Service (SaaS) that you subscribe to, for an annual fee.


HIPAA Compliance Tools is proud to introduce SIMBUS which is designed to get your facility compliant quickly. HIPAA Policies and Procedures are included.

  • Security and Privacy Management in One Convenient Location
  • Customizable Policies, Procedures, Forms and Tasks
  • Security and Privacy Training with Tests and Certifications
  • HIPAA Compliance Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Gap Analysis
  • Complete 3rd Party Vendor Management Software
  • Expert Client Support Within SIMBUS Included


Netwrix platform accurately identifies structured and unstructured sensitive data, enabling you to focus on the information that truly requires protection.

  • Identify the exact location of your PHI
  • Stay on top of privilege escalation
  • Investigate insider threats with cross-system visibility
  • Determine the severity of a data breach


At AT&T Cybersecurity our mission is to provide phenomenal threat intelligence, collaborative defense & effective security for organizations of all sizes.

  • Discover all IP-enabled assets, including OS details, across your on-premises and cloud environments
  • Identify systems with vulnerabilities, understand which assets are high-, medium-, and low risk, and identify any available patches or workarounds
  • Intrusion detection detects threats, including malware and ransomware, that are active in your network with advanced, automatic correlation
  • Identify both successful and failed logon attempts, and monitor user and administrator activities
  • and More.


TrueVault simplifies and automates personal data protection.

  • Authentication
  • Profile Management
  • Role & Ownership-based Authorization
  • Secure JSON document store
  • Secure file storage
  • Secure Search
  • Immutable audit logging
  • Per-record encryption
  • Encryption at rest and in transit


Ensure that your organization is HIPAA compliant with the most automated and affordable HIPAA compliance software on the market today!

  • 1 year of access to our SaaS platform
  • Nessus Professional Feed® Vulnerability Scan
  • Policies and Procedures Templates
  • $100,000 Breach Assurance
  • Automated Risk Analysis, documentation and reporting
  • Unlimited users and remediation updates
  • State, Federal and Best Practice updates
  • Access to our Certified Audit Support Team
  • Web site “Certified Compliant Seal”
  • All data exportable to PDF or .csv file
  • and much, much more!


Alert Logic is an Information Security Solutions company providing Security-as-a-Service solutions including network, system, and web application security, wherever your infrastructure resides.

  • Implement administrative and technical safeguards you need to be HIPAA and HIPAA-HITECH compliant
  • Detect and prevent network intrusions, identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that might expose personal health information due to insufficient data protection.
  • Find suspicious- or active-breach activity, with alerts within 15 minutes, from our security operations center


Protect your network and your customers with PCI and HIPAA compliance assessments from SecurityMetrics. We offer a full line of data security solutions.

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Company health plans


Fast online HIPAA compliance software for small healthcare practices and business associates.

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA staff training content and documentation
  • Custom HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Business associate management
  • Information Systems Activity Review (ISAR)
  • ePHI inventory tracking
  • HIPAA reports
  • Free support when you have questions
  • And more.


Run full IT assessments with no agents and no installs. Then produce awesome, fully-branded reports in minutes!

  • HIPAA Policies & Procedures
  • HIPAA Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA Risk Profile
  • HIPAA Management Plan
  • Evidence of HIPAA Compliance
  • External Network Vulnerability Scan
  • HIPAA Compliance PowerPoint
  • HIPAA On-Site Survey
  • Disk Encryption Report
  • File Scan Report
  • User Identification Worksheet
  • Computer Identification Worksheet
  • Network Share Identification Worksheet
  • HIPAA Supporting Worksheets


Rapid7 powers the practice of SecOps by delivering shared visibility, analytics, and automation to unite security, IT, and DevOps teams.

  • Know your network and identify weak points
  • Test effectiveness of your security controls
  • Monitor user behavior and manage security incidents
  • Assess applications for vulnerabilities
  • Build an effective security program aligned to HIPAA

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