Top 10 Customer Service Industry Jobs

The Customer Service industry is one of the rapidly growing industries of recent times. It provides ample opportunities for job seekers to grow and excel in their careers.

We have made a list of the top 10 Customer Service industry jobs for 2021 exclusively for you.

1. Call Center Representative

A Call Center Representative is an individual who understands your company’s products and service and assists your customers with the same. He listens to their queries or complaints and resolves them by providing a feasible solution. He provides assistance to the customers via phone calls.

In order that you hire the best Call Center Representative, you need to know if your candidate has outstanding communication skills. A prior experience of working in a call center should be preferred. He should have good knowledge of CRM systems. He should also be a team player and ready to take up challenges in this role.

2. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives are individuals who represent your company to your customers. They are responsible for providing information about your products or services, take and process orders, process returns and refunds, and answer customer complaints.

As they are in direct contact with your clients, they should have an excellent knowledge of the products/services you offer. They should be well aware of your company’s policies. Furthermore, they should have excellent communication skills.

Look for candidates having a similar experience or who has experience working as a Sales Representative or a Front Desk Representative.

3. Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager is a person who manages and enhances customer relationships in your company. He is the person who supports your prospects while they become your active customers.

The primary responsibility of a Customer Success Manager is customer onboarding and advocacy. He is responsible for nurturing customer relationships.

An ideal CSM for your company would be someone who understands your customers and focuses on solving their issues. He will then communicate the customer issues to the team to ensure better product/service delivery.

4. Technical Account Manager

A Technical Account Manager is responsible for solving technical queries and catering to the technical support needs of your customers. He is responsible for maintaining cordial relationships with your customers. He should be a result-driven individual and be motivated to achieve his goals.

An ideal Technical Account Manager would be someone who uses his excellent communication skills to identify the potential sales for your company.

5. Receptionist

As the job title suggests, Receptionists are responsible for maintaining and managing your office front desk. Their duties include attending to phone calls, scheduling meetings, and providing support to the visitors.

Your ideal Receptionist should have a pleasant personality and decent communication skills. In addition to this, he/she should have basic knowledge of computers. Performing administrative tasks is also a part of this job role.

6. Front Desk Representative

Front Desk Representative are the individuals who are responsible for managing the front office. Noting down customer complaints and undertaking clerical duties are the primary duties for this job role.

Excellent customer service skills and good communication skills are a must for this job role. Prior work experience as a Receptionist should be sufficient for candidates applying for this position.

7. Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialists are your product/services experts. Their primary responsibility is to resolve customer queries via phone calls, emails or live chats. They ought to have excellent communication skills and outstanding knowledge of your products and services.

In addition to this, they are also responsible for maintaining client relationships and deliver a good customer experience. Ensure that you hire candidates with prior experience as Customer Service Specialists or Customer Service Representative.

8. Delivery Boy

As the job title suggests, Delivery Boy is responsible for the delivery of various types of packages to customers. This includes delivery of food, eCommerce goods, grocery, etc.

An ideal candidate for this role would be someone who has good arithmetic and mathematical skills and excellent customer service knowledge. He should have a valid driver’s license.

9. Account Representative

Account Representative is the individual who maintains and manages customer accounts. He is the primary point of contact and is responsible for closing sales and building client relationships.

The best candidate for this role would be someone who has outstanding customer service and communication skills. Account Representatives should be result-driven, goal-oriented individuals.

10. Help Desk Specialist

Help Desk Specialists are the individuals who provide technical support to your customers via the service desk. They should possess excellent skills to troubleshoot the technical glitches.

They are responsible for providing step-by-step guidance to the customers via phone call or a screen share session. They should have excellent communication and troubleshooting skills for the same.

These were some of the top customer service industry jobs for 2021. We have a free job description template library containing these job descriptions as well as many others. You can check out the same. We hope that this list will help you make a better hire for your company.

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