Top 10 Best Windows File Server Auditing Software Tools

Windows file server auditing software is a tool that helps organizations to maintain file server security and compliance by tracking and monitoring access to sensitive files and folders. This software collects information from file servers, analyzes the data, and generates reports that allow administrators to monitor user activity and detect unauthorized access or changes to files.

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File servers are used to store, manage, and share data and files within organizations. Because these servers contain sensitive and confidential data, such as financial records, personal information, and intellectual property, they are a critical target for cyberattacks. Therefore, it is important for organizations to implement security measures to protect these servers. One such measure is file server auditing.

Windows file server auditing software provides organizations with a comprehensive solution to audit, monitor, and report all file activity on their file servers. This software collects data in real-time and allows administrators to configure alerts to notify them of any suspicious activity or potential security breaches. The software logs all changes made to files and folders, including who made the change, what change was made, and when the change was made.

File server auditing software provides several benefits to organizations, including:

1. Improved Security: File server auditing software enhances server security by monitoring and tracking user activity. The software allows administrators to detect unauthorized access or changes to files, allowing them to take immediate corrective action.

2. Compliance: File server auditing software helps organizations to comply with regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS. The software generates audit reports that provide evidence of compliance with these regulations.

3. Improved Governance: File server auditing software helps organizations improve their governance by providing visibility into file server activity. The software generates reports that provide a comprehensive view of who is accessing files and folders, what changes are being made, and when they are being made.

4. Risk Detection: File server auditing software helps organizations detect potential risks or vulnerabilities in their file servers. The software identifies patterns in user behavior that may indicate unauthorized access or security threats.

5. Improved Productivity: File server auditing software helps organizations to improve productivity by providing insights into how files and folders are being used. The software can identify files and folders that are not being used, allowing administrators to delete them and free up disk space.

In summary, Windows file server auditing software is a critical tool for organizations that need to protect their file servers from security threats and comply with regulatory requirements. The software provides real-time monitoring and reporting of file server activity, and helps organizations improve their security, compliance, governance, risk management, and productivity.


Spot overexposed sensitive files and shares and detect suspicious activity on Windows file servers with file auditing software from Netwrix.

Control over data access rights

  • Auditing of risky changes
  • File access auditing
  • Insight into sensitive data
  • Alerts on threat patterns
  • Streamlined user access reviews
  • Streamlined compliance reporting
  • Interactive search
  • Windows file server risk assessment
  • Behavior anomaly discovery
  • File analysis reports
  • Non-intrusive architecture


Lepide file Server auditing tool from Lepide to audit file server changes, data access, track interactions with data and detect threats.

  • Data Classification
  • Alerting and Reporting
  • File Access Auditing
  • Audit File Copy Events
  • File Share Auditing
  • Data Access Governance
  • Data Subject Access Requests
  • Track Stale Data


Track, audit, alert, and report on all file accesses, changes and permissions on your file server using DataSecurity Plus’ real-time Windows file audit solution.

  • Track file and folder accesses
  • Monitor file integrity
  • Receive real-time file change alerts
  • Quarantine malware
  • Comply with regulatory mandates


IS Decisions FileAudit can monitor, audit, alert on, and respond to the access and usage of sensitive files and folders, stored on Windows Servers and Cloud Storage Systems.

  • File and Folder Monitoring
  • Alerts and Automated Response
  • File and Folder Access Auditing
  • NTFS Permissions Reporting
  • Cloud Data Monitoring


Change Auditor for Windows File Servers is a proactive Windows file auditing software that tracks, reports, and alerts on vital changes in real-time.

  • Centralized auditing
  • At-a-glance display
  • Share auditing
  • Object protection
  • Real-time alerts on the move
  • SIEM integration
  • Auditor-ready reporting


Vyapin Windows file server auditing tools to monitor file access and track file changes in windows server. Audit access to files and folders, NTFS file permission changes, file server activities and security using Vyapin file access monitoring software.

  • Search & Cleanup Change History
  • Folder & File Access / Permission & Ownership Change Reports
  • NTFS Change History Reports
  • NTFS Security Data Collection
  • Share Activity Reports


GingerEx FileServer Auditor shows audit reports on permission changes to File shares, Changes made to documents / folders (Create / Modify / Rename/ Copy / Delete), reports on File access with Success and Failed attempts which is report for audit.

  • All FileServer changes
  • Successful file reads
  • Failed Change / Delete / Read attempts
  • FileServer Changes by User
  • Permission Changes for Files / Folders
  • Share folder changes in a fileserver
  • FileServer Changes by Action (Create, Delete, Modify, Copy, Rename)


Power Admin’s server monitor software can help improve your business.

  • File Monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Alert Details
  • Reporting (Ultra edition only)
  • File Access Auditing Compliance
  • Detect Log File Tampering


Windows file servers are targets for internal and external abuse; they are also audit targets for compliance. With its detailed monitoring and alerting, Cygna Auditor for Windows File System helps organizations mitigate risk of abuse and prove compliance.

  • Centralized web-based console
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Real-time alerts


SoftPerfect File Access Monitor is a file access audit solution featuring a comprehensive history of read and edit operations.

  • Monitors file actions: creating, moving, deleting, reading and writing to files
  • Records remote user access to shared folders
  • Keeps track of local users as to what files they access
  • Features a powerful filter system to include or exclude certain activities
  • Self-contained, doesn’t require a database server alongside

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