Top 10 Best Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software Solutions

Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is a powerful tool for managing the business operations of professional service organizations. PSA software provides a centralized solution for managing tasks, projects, and customer relationships, which can help organizations increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

PSA software includes a range of features designed to help professional service organizations manage their everyday operations, resources, logistics, and financials. PSA software typically includes project management, resource management, time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, analytics and reporting tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. These features all work together to help organizations manage their end-to-end business processes.

  • Project Management: PSA software provides project management tools, which allow professional services organizations to manage projects effectively from start to finish. This includes scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, and tracking. The PSA system helps users to identify milestones, critical timelines and schedules. The feature helps organizations to anticipate and manage changes that the project is likely to encounter, making sure to stay on track with their project goals.
  • Resource Management: Resource Management is one of the most critical features of PSA software. PSA software provides a centralized database for details about employee skills and availability, as well as project milestones and demands. Based on this information, the software’s resource management tool assigns employees to projects and optimizes resource utilization. This ensures that the right people with the right skills get assigned to projects, keeping projects moving forward, and deadlines met.
  • Time and Expense Tracking: Effective time and expense tracking help professional services organizations bill accurately and remain profitable. PSA software enables organizations to track employee time and expenses across different projects, location, or regions. This feature helps organizations to identify opportunities for optimizing revenue streams by tracking billable hours and expenses, making sure that no time or expense is being left un-invoiced.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Billing and Invoicing feature in PSA software assist organizations personalize billing invoices, track payments, and manage overdue invoices effortlessly. With several different invoicing options, including time, expenses, flat-fee, percentage of project milestones, PSA software makes sure each invoice is accurate and always up-to-date. This feature also reduces administrative time spent by organizations in handling invoices and makes sure the timely payment of invoices.
  • CRM: Professional service organizations need to maintain a positive relationship with customers, and this is where the CRM feature in PSA software comes into action. It allows organizations to manage their customer interactions, activities, feedback, and proposals all in one place. It permits you to effectively manage opportunities, keep track of your pipeline, and helps to identify and remove any roadblocks that may be hindering the growth of your business.
  • Analytics and Reporting: PSA software provides a platform that produces actionable data for making splendid business decisions. Analytics and Reporting tools generate flexible, real-time reports for tracking progress, preparing financial statements, and forecasting. This data is critical in identifying areas of the business that need improvement and helps users to make informed decisions concerning future investments, workforce allocation, and project management.

PSA software is ideal for professional services organizations looking to streamline their operations, optimize resource utilization, and increase profits. This software provides a complete and integrated solution that facilitates process compliance and ensures consistent, efficient performance across all of your business operations. PSA software eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, automates workflows, boosts overall productivity and financial performance while helping organizations to maintain a strong customer relationship.


Professional Services Automation (PSA) software from Projector PSA helps services firms track time and expenses, manage projects and schedule resources.

  • Maximize resource utilization by efficiently pairing up resourcing needs with available talent
  • Manage projects through all phases of their lifecycles, from scoping to closeout
  • Keep valuable billable resources focused on delivering great work by reducing administrative burden​
  • Maximize project profitability by ensuring projects are being delivered on time and under budget
  • Ensure both hard and soft factors are considered when staffing projects — from certifications to professional development interests
  • Monitor the health of the entire portfolio of projects to allow executives to intervene early and effectively
  • Keep track of what people are spending their time on, in order to keep people in that sweet spot between boredom and burnout
  • Track time and expenses invested in delivering each project and ensure clients are invoiced quickly and accurately
  • Put the right tools and visibility into the hands of the people who can make the greatest impact on your business: your delivery staff
  • Recognize revenue according to GAAP standards – neither too early nor too late


A professional services automation (PSA) solution integrating with HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Featuring project management, task management, time tracking, and invoicing.

  • Keep track of the admin hours required to close a deal and factor that into your costs
  • Pinpoint and address recurring issues like scope creep
  • Forecast profitability and plan resources more accurately
  • Strategically target satisfied clients for up-selling and cross-selling
  • Track your best-performing and worst-performing accounts
  • Identify your best-performing team members


The Kantata Cloud for Professional Services leapfrogs traditional PSA solutions to boost productivity, optimize resource allocation, and better support your talent network with purpose-built capabilities you need.

  • Exclusive focus on professional services
  • Fills major functionality gaps in horizontal applications & PSAs
  • Equips businesses to plan and execute with fluidity and flexibility
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing technology and processes
  • Proven paths to transformational value for businesses like yours


Professional Services Automation (PSA) software built on Salesforce lets you manage your projects, people, finance with one view of the customer. Experience enterprise class scalability with FinancialForce, Professional Services Automation for Salesforce.

  • Connect your people and projects
  • Perfect the sales-services handoff
  • Deliver deep visibility and collaboration
  • Get a full view of project financial health
  • Submit time and expenses anytime, anywhere
  • Full lifecycle services forecasting


Workday Professional Services Automation software optimizes client-facing billable projects from start to finish.

  • The PSA solution to meet changing demands
  • Run great projects, from start to finish
  • Manage the full project lifecycle
  • Projects, financials, and more
  • Accurately track time from anywhere
  • Manage expenses the hassle-free way


NetSuite SuiteProjects Professional Services Automation (PSA) offers a unified way to manage projects, from billing, time tracking and expenses to accounting & more.

  • Deliver Projects on Time and Within Budget
  • Track Skills and Availability
  • Accurate Project Accounting and Billing


Scoro Professional Services Automation (PSA) software brings together all your business functions, enabling more efficient processes that boost profitability.

  • Plan ahead to optimize utilisation
  • Streamline workflows to increase productivity
  • Track customers, pipelines, and finances in real time
  • Get insights that boost your profitability
  • Put invoicing on autopilot


Forecast is a project and resource management software that helps project-driven companies automate operations, empower people, and leverage insights to drive business performance and client success.

  • Match people and projects
  • Maximize resource efficiency
  • Keep your client projects on schedule
  • Follow the project budget and keep it on track
  • Retrieve utilization reports in minutes not hours


ConnectWise PSA (formerly ConnectWise Manage) is an award-winning professional services automation (PSA) solution that connects your entire operation.

  • Improve internal communication
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Increase revenue & decrease costs


Upland – forecast services profitability with PSA software that increases resource utilization, accelerates project execution, and improves collaboration.

  • Automate workflows and approvals to match the way your business runs today and easily make updates when you need to
  • Get up and running quickly with what you need today. Add more advanced features when you’re ready
  • Leverage pre-designed or custom training to set your team up for success from Day 1

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