Top 10 Best Performance Appraisal Management Software

It’s a fact that employees are one of the significant factors that can affect the success and even downfall of a company or organization. Yet, despite knowing that notion, majority of employers neglect the importance of exerting effort in checking the performance of their workers and in making sure that their staffs are doing their best when it comes to the tasks assigned to them. Even if most companies are performing customary employee appraisals, these periodic evaluations are usually disorganized, too much of a hassle or is assigned to the judgment of managers. These managers look at this evaluation process as another annoying chore instead of an opportunity to check and review the performance of the people working for their organization. They don’t acknowledge the essential role of doing such appraisals to the tactical business objectives. With the help of performance appraisal software, it can turn the personal evaluation into a managerial success. Having the exact appraisal software can regulate the procedure; grant training and even offer information for managers that are always busy, as well as assist skilled workers discover their potential.

Reap the Amazing Benefits of Using Appraisal Software

Making use of the appropriate evaluation software will no doubt bring an impact on the accomplishments of an organization. It’s a means of knowing the quality of the employees and their work performance which is an influential factor whether the company is obtaining its potentials and reaching its objectives. Using the modern appraisal program will help managers and HR’s be freed from the trouble of looking and producing data. Moreover, it will allow tem to concentrate on how to greatly utilize and commune the records at their disposal. Although there’s tons of available performance appraisal software, an organization must be very cautious about choosing the best one that will be of value to the success of their business. Below are some of the benefits of good evaluation softwares:

  • Allows organization’s mangers to best understand the skill and potential on their group
  • Develop or enhance the quality of appraisals with in-context training and writing help
  • Established a highly focused and more committed workforce through aligning performance and job tasks with managerial strategic aims
  • Evaluate improvement against goals by team or for the whole project
  • Observe and obey with the managerial performance principles
  • Offer automotive appraisal process

Doing Workers Evaluation in a Correct and More Relaxed Way

A company or organization must make it their top priority to create efficiently evaluate employees and their wok to align with the business strategic goals. With the help of performance appraisal software, this can be done correctly and successfully. The appraisal software will indeed aid in gratifying this priority through perfecting the evaluation procedure in building a more efficient and more pleased workforce. While other organizations still choose to relay on outdated methods of worksheets, paper-based workers documents and difficult means of following and determining outcomes, the latest appraisal software is already changing the way other companies are evaluating their workers performance. This is because the software is aiding them in automating the assessment process, so any organization can now feel more relaxed doing their routine employee appraisals.


#1 Human Resources Software for small & medium business: Mobile and Online. Easiest way for HR to manage data: employee self-service, email alerts, doc storage, time off tracking, and more.

  • Get the inside scoop on employee performance
  • Create, track and grow performance together
  • See employee goals in a single status report
  • Draw an even bigger picture with company performance reports
  • Get insider info from all the right sources
  • Automated reminders in case you run out of sticky notes


AssessTEAM – new continuous feedback appraisal software for easy and effective employee performance evaluation that is connected with project profitability analysis.

  • Evaluate on-the-job performance
  • Consistent Timely inputs
  • Real-time project monitoring


Performance feedback that helps employees grow and succeed.

  • No-Fuss Feedback
  • One-Stop Assessments
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Nuanced 2-D Chart
  • Make It Yours
  • Watch and Learn


Engagedly is a performance review software that incorporates elements of employee engagement.

  • Performance management system
  • 360 Multirater Feedback
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Employee goal setting software
  • Social collaboration
  • Employee surveys
  • Reward and recognize
  • Online Learning
  • Advanced analytics and reporting


Clear Review agile Performance Management Software helps you move from broken annual performance appraisals to regular, meaningful conversations.

  • Developmental Check-ins
  • Agile Goals
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Talent Snapshots


Performance appraisal software online that is easy to use for unlimited employee reviews, 360 feedback, and goal setting.

  • Real-Time 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting and Goal Tracking
  • Frequent Check-Ins and Self-Appraisals
  • Note Taking and Automated Email Notifications
  • Flexible Reports To Help Identify Top Performers


Zoho People provides evaluation modules like KRA, goals, 360-degree feedback, self-appraisal and multi-rater feedback to help evaluate employees better.

  • 360-degree feedback
  • Get everyone’s input
  • Set goals to achieve growth
  • Streamline appraisals and reviews
  • Tag your skill set
  • Assess the right way – KRAs
  • Check your employees’ competence
  • Detailed performance reports and analytics


Cogendo employee performance review, appraisals & talent management software online.

  • HRIS Integration
  • Employee Data
  • Single Sign-on
  • Customisable Performance Reviews
  • Custom Performance Ratings
  • Review Periods
  • Review Calibration
  • Matrix Management
  • 2nd Line Manager Contribution
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • HR Partners
  • Objective Weights and Bonuses


Lattice is a continuous performance management system combined with employee engagement insights.

  • Employee-Centric Performance Reviews
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Better One-on-One Meetings
  • Drive performance across your company with goals and OKRs
  • Public Praise
  • Stay Updated


PocketHRMS is a cloud HR Software with 360-degree processing solution, providing tools like HRMS, Payroll, ESS portal, leave software for Indian businesses.

  • Automated Time Tracking
  • 24/7 Access
  • Top-notch Data Integrity
  • Employee Self-Service
  • User-defined Reports
  • Formula-based Earning & Deductions
  • Let your HR focus on what matters the most!

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