Top 10 Best Hyper-V Backup Software Solutions

Server virtualization offers improved infrastructure manageability, lower total cost of ownership, greater scalability and higher availability when compared to physical alternatives. Although the adoption rates of virtual servers are higher for large enterprises than their SMB counterparts, virtualization is nearly ubiquitous these days. With the widespread adoption of virtualization solutions such as Microsoft Hyper-V, the need for data protection takes on a new urgency.

Whether your organization is already heavily invested in server virtualization with Hyper-V or only considering adoption of the technology, backup should be among your primary concerns. Although Hyper-V offers some degree of data protection, it’s not anywhere near as reliable as what you can get using dedicated backup software.

The article ranks the best solutions for backing up Hyper-V to help you make the right choice for your organization.

Ahead are our top 10 picks:


BDRSuite for Hyper-V offers robust, secure, and cost-effective backup, recovery, and replication for Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machines. You can save up to 70% on Backup Costs with BDRSuite.

  • Agentless VM Backup
  • Near continuous data protection
  • Instantly Restore VM < 15 mins
  • Supports Hyper-V Standalone Hosts and Cluster Servers running on Local Storage, Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV), Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), SMB share
  • Application-Aware Backup
  • Automated Backup Verification
  • Store backup data locally or on the cloud (S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, etc)
  • Granular File & Application-item recovery
  • 24/7 Technical Support


NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a full-fledged data protection solution for Hyper-V. The solution allows simplifying data protection processes and ensuring seamless full and granular recovery.

  • Install NAKIVO Backup & Replication instantly on Windows or Linux
  • Back up data at a block level to save time and reduce storage space
  • Store backups locally, in CIFS/NFS shares, deduplication appliances, cloud or tape
  • Make your backups immutable to protect your data from ransomware
  • Instantly recover Hyper-V VMs from backups to save time
  • Run granular recoveries of files and application objects
  • Manage all operations from a single point of control
  • Automate backup jobs to spare time for other critical tasks
  • Verify backups to ensure flawless recovery in case of data loss
  • Use global compression and deduplication to save storage space
  • Use LAN-free data transfer to boost the backup speed and reduce the backup load
  • Deliver BaaS to up to 1000 isolated tenants from a single web interface


Hyper-V backup software for businesses allows MSPs to store virtual machine data in a global cloud designed for security and rapid recovery.

  • Protect your customers’ Hyper-V virtual servers in case disaster strikes
  • Help secure transport and storage for your Hyper-V backups
  • Recover virtual server data without a hassle
  • Optimize your time and resources with N-able Backup
  • Manage Hyper-V backups from a central web console


Altaro VM Backup is the leading backup solution for Microsoft Hyper-V, which includes backup support for Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016, 2012/2012 R2 & 2008 R2.

  • Back up Hyper-V VMs easily and reliably
  • Performance when you need it most
  • Hyper-V backup solution at unbeatable value
  • Multi-hypervisor support


Keep the data on your VMs and endpoints secure. Full Availability, No Downtime, 3 clicks to install the touch-friendly, web-based centralized management console, 2X faster than the closest competitor, 15-second RTOs.

  • Back Up Hyper-V VMs Efficiently
  • Improve Efficiency and Backup Times
  • Recover Up to 100 Times Faster
  • Ensure Full Data Integrity
  • Migrate Hyper-V to Any System
  • Convert to Hyper-V VM
  • Run Backup as a VM in Seconds


Unitrends all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity increases uptime and confidence in a world in which IT professionals must do more with less.

  • Free Backup for the VMware, Hyper-V and Windows
  • Automated Daily Scheduling for Your Virtual and Physical Server Backups
  • Recover Full VMs Instantly
  • Cloud Backup
  • Unlimited VMs and Sockets


Veeam is the global leader in Data Protection. The trusted provider of Simple, Flexible, and Reliable backup and recovery solutions for Cloud, Virtual, Physical.

  • Meet your recovery objectives
  • Confidence delivered daily
  • Be ready for disaster recovery
  • Application-consistent backups
  • Next-generation instant recovery engine
  • Replication sourced from your backups


NovaStor’s Hyper-V backup software helps organizations meet their recovery point objectives by restoring specific files, VMs or entire Hyper-V environment.

  • Backup your entire Hyper-V VM or perform incremental backups
  • Reduce backup windows with agentless VM level backups
  • Hyper-V cluster support (from cluster node to cluster-wide snapshot)
  • VM live-migration to move an entire VM to a new physical machine
  • Perform Hyper-V virtual machine snapshots
  • Granular recovery of files and folders directly from the virtual machine backup
  • Restore files from Hyper-V VM backup to a different machine (P2V and V2P support)
  • One-step restore to restore virtual machine in a single pass
  • US-based tech support


Cohesity offers a comprehensive Hyper-V backup and recovery solution to protect your Microsoft investment.

  • Fast Backups
  • Flexible Rapid Recovery
  • Global Search
  • Non-disruptive Operations
  • Reduce Data Footprint
  • Single UI


Ahsay’s Hyper-V backup solution backs up guest VMs in Hyper-V host / cluster to on-premises, datacenter, and object cloud storage. Suitable for businesses and MSPs.

  • Instant VM spin-up
  • Granular files restore
  • Lan-free backup and replication
  • Continuous backup
  • Multi-destination backup
  • Point in time restore
  • Live VM migration
  • Hyper-V cluster supported
  • Retention / versioning
  • Multi-threading


Quadric Software Alike delivers powerful, affordable Hyper-V backup and disaster recovery solutions, with seamless cross-platform protection and support.

  • Best Global Deduplication in the Industry
  • Simple, secure, and powerful virtual backup appliance
  • Faster backups with Changed Block Tracking
  • Instant File level access, scriptable access to VHDs, or simple full VM restores
  • Unlimited Number of VMs
  • Agentless or Agent-Based Backups
  • One A2 appliance can remotely protect multiple environments
  • 30-Day, No Obligation Free Trial

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