Top 10 Best Home Care Business Software Solutions

The sudden rise in the demand for home care and personal care services is the reason behind the potential increase in the growth of the home care industry. At the behest of a hike in demand during the pandemic, the Biden Administration stepped in to support the industry, therefore, announced the investment of $400B into Home-based Care under the Newly Unveiled American Jobs Plan in March 2021.

Apart from the realization of the need for caregivers for the burgeoning baby boomers population in the U.S, the market being flooded with advanced home care software is another reason behind the explosion of the Home Care industry.

To be able to stay in the competition and stand strong in the market space, software companies are offering home care agencies with smart technology solutions to stay updated with the evolving technological changes and improving care services.

Technology has brought a revolution in the way services are offered by home care agencies. Concrete evidence behind this monumental change is the leap from technology-oriented to technology-centric care services. The shift from manual handling to the digitization of processes involved in caregiving is mainly due to the immense benefits that the technology offers.

The credit for the exponential rise in comprehensive growth of home care business goes to the advantages home care software brings with it:

  • Single Platform that Streamlines Work: The home care agencies no longer rummage between the paper files to carry out the processes involved in-home caregiving. Conveniently, the Home Care Software provides everything from scheduling, creating payrolls, and billing, therefore cutting out on redundant filling of pages and data entry.
  • Automated Scheduling Updates: The software helps home care agencies in reducing task duplication. It allows you to have control and manage the activities of the caregivers. The agencies can smoothly manage schedules and care plans and can easily assign open shifts. In case of pending shifts, agency staff does not have to read between the lines as the software provides timely alerts and gives updates. With just a few clicks, agencies can reduce their scheduling time by 70%.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: This is the most important of all other tasks as it brings transparency and prevents fraudulent activities. Advance software gives care provider agencies complete control as they can look into the exact location and time of the caregivers. All thanks to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and EVV i.e. Electronic visit verification embedded in the home care software that keeps a track of activities and updates the same to agencies in real-time.
  • Updating Certificates, Compliance: Hiring caregivers and maintaining their records regularly are intimidating tasks especially when handled manually. The risk of error generation increases but with the software, home care businesses can upload all necessary certificates and licenses in one place, record and update employment history, update and keep a record of all educational certificates of caregivers. The software allows home care agencies to keep all the data in one place, creating fewer hurdles in coordination.

Overall, the home care software proves to be a boon as its user-friendly approach keeps all parties; caregivers, home care agencies, and even clients, on an equal footing. Clients and their families can provide real-time feedback about the care services provided. Such smart features not only improve work efficiency but also build trust among the clients. The use of software saves time by reducing wasteful administrative activities and allows agencies to focus on key areas of business.


CareSmartz360 is an integrated cloud-based HIPAA compliant software solution designed to manage private duty home care agencies. Included in the suite are the point of care, billing, payroll, scheduling, caregiver management, EVV, HR, reporting, electronic verification, telephony, and more. The system can accommodate different locations and franchises within a single platform. Below are the main features of CareSmartz360 software:

  • Scheduling
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Agency App
  • Caregiver Portal
  • Caregiver Management
  • Caregiver App
  • Reports
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Client Management
  • Client & Family Portal
  • Caregiver Training
  • Client Assessment and Care Plan
  • Client & Payer Registers
  • Payer Management
  • Human Resources
  • Email & Messages
  • Digital Library


Alora is the nation’s leader in providing easy to use Home Health Software, Home Care Software, & Homecare solutions that improve productivity & efficiency.

  • Powerfully Simple
  • Everything in One Place
  • Top-Rated Customer Support
  • Easy Implementation
  • Survey Preparedness
  • Better Staff Retention
  • Value and ROI
  • EVV Made Easy
  • Ideal for Agencies of All Sizes, Including Home Health Startups
  • Truly Paperless


Powerful, cloud-based software and tools to streamline your home care agency, from scheduling, workflow and compliance to medications.

  • Schedule the most appropriate clinician for each visit
  • Optimize mapping and routing for higher satisfaction
  • Access complete EMR in real-time with or without wifi
  • Get clinical guidance when needed
  • Complete documentation onsite and upload in under 2 minutes


Axxess is a home healthcare technology company, providing a complete suite of cloud-based software solutions, empowering healthcare providers with solutions to make lives better.

  • View real-time data to make informed decisions and easily track client census and referrals
  • Manage schedules in real time by easily viewing and reassigning tasks
  • Match qualified caregivers to clients’ needs and preferences for quick and easy shift fulfillment
  • Document visit information at the point of care with real-time access to client care plans
  • Easily manage processes from intake to billing with our fully integrated solution


AlayaCare is a revolutionary cloud-based home care software platform for agencies looking for innovation and efficiencies across the entire agency.

Clinical Documentation:

  • Custom Configuration & Form Building
  • Real-time Form Submission
  • Client-Centric Care Plans
  • Multi-Level Security

Care Worker Mobile App:

  • Simplified Point-of-Care Documentation
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Increased Safety & Security

Back Office Suite:

  • Optimized and Strategic Scheduling and Coordination
  • Simplified Billing & Payroll
  • Multi-Office Functionality
  • Full Compliance
  • Advanced Reporting & Integrated Business Intelligence

Virtual Care Suite:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Screeners

Family Portal:

  • Deliver Relevant Content
  • Keep Families Connected
  • Care Plan and Schedule Visibility


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Schedule & Route Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence


Award-winning home care platform. Winner of 2020 best home care software.

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Customizable
  • Fully Integrated
  • SMARTer Scheduling
  • Mobile for Everyone
  • Chat & Family Portals


ClearCare home care software is an all-encompassing web-based solution, empowering private-duty home care agencies.

  • CRM
  • Marketing Tools
  • Preferred Partners
  • Change in Condition
  • Hospitalization Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Human Resources
  • Employment Screening
  • Caregiver Safety
  • Work Comp Insurance
  • Caregiver Training
  • CareFinder Scheduling
  • Family Room Portal
  • Care Coordination
  • Community Care
  • Smart Telephony
  • Caregiver Mobile App
  • Billing & Payroll
  • Payment Processing
  • e-Learning System
  • Custom Forms
  • Electronic Claims
  • EVV


HHAeXchange intuitive homecare solutions connect providers and payers for better patient outcomes and an improved workflow across the board.

  • Increase Workflow Efficiency and Streamline Cashflow
  • Improve Communication and Case Coordination
  • Streamlined Claims Management for Homecare Payers
  • Enable Greater Collaboration and Compliance Across Your Network
  • Prepare for the 21st Century Cures Act with our industry-leading EVV and network insights platform


Ensure efficient flow of your operations with our home care management software SwyftOps.

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Shifts
  • Live 24/7/365 first level or escalated support (no need to feel isolated after-hours and on holidays)
  • Monthly fees start as low as $100 for up to 250 hours, or 40 cents per hour
  • Unlimited Users
  • Transparent and equitable Fees
  • Built on a HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliant platform for security at all levels
  • Unlimited territories and/or locations (within same state and legal entity)
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Subscription grants access to all available features and eligibility for all updates
  • Fully customizable permissions


Rappora is home care agency management software. Rappora works with non-medical in-home care providers to help them simplify office work, reduce risk and meet the demand for high quality home care.

  • Automate payroll
  • Meet client needs
  • Deliver care efficiently
  • Verify every visit
  • Collect accurate data
  • Get paid faster
  • Stay in sync

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