Top 10 Best Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software Providers

Fleet management is an important thing for all those companies who own a fleet of large or small vehicles. Cars, trucks, vans, taxi cabs, ship and other appliances include in the fleet of vehicles. The company can hire their own fleet manager or they can contract with an individual or other company to get the fleet. The fleet manager will look after the vehicles and manage the drivers. The fleet managers will also track the safety record of drivers so that there can be minimum risks involved with number of vehicles on road. The company can maximize the productivity and efficiency and minimize their operating costs with an effective fleet management.

The use of the vehicle trackers is very important in the fleet management and good fleet system can rely on the use of good vehicle trackers. The fleet managers use the tracker system as they can gather data from a vehicle onboard computer. There are plenty of benefits of using the tracker system in to the fleet of vehicles. Any type of vehicles or vessel can be managed with the help of fleet management including ships and planes as well. There are maritime companies which use the system of this management to keep track of their ships at sea. It can handle the tedious tasks on the ships like crewing the ships, watching over the maintenance and other activities.

The fleet management has become very effective and important tool for any business with a fleet of vehicles. It has helped the companies in the saving their time and money. Fleet industry is growing and getting more and more popularity. It has helped the fleet managers to manage the vehicles in the company. It ensures the fleet managers to keep the track of the transport. You can also plan out the most efficient routes of vehicles with this tool. You can track the mileage and monitor account against the fake purchases with this tool. The fuel and maintenance management can also be done with the fleet management.

The fleet management is very convenient and easy to use and implement. It helps you to remove the risks involved in the vehicle investment and provides 100% security to the businesses which heavily rely on the fleet of vehicles. There are computer programs through which fleet managers can get complete information about their vehicles running on the road. Increase in productivity and mechanical diagnostics are the big advantages of the fleet management to the businesses. The main purpose of this tool is to manage vehicles by using different tools for the efficiency and effectiveness.


Locate2u Fleet Management Software has been designed for superior fleet tracking, route optimisation, and live location sharing capabilities.

  • Track and analyze your fleet
  • Track and manage your fleet assets
  • Improve efficiency and extend the life of your assets
  • Reduce costs and improve resource utilization


Fleet maintenance software for fleets of all sizes. Control the chaos of fleet maintenance and management with Fleetio!

Maintenance & Issue Management:

  • Outsourced Maintenance Automation
  • Service History
  • Inspections
  • Issue Management
  • Work Orders
  • Parts & Inventory
  • Purchase Orders
  • Recall Alerts

Asset Management:

  • Fleet Operations Reports
  • VIN Decoding
  • Asset Management
  • Vehicle Assignments
  • Vehicle Location History
  • GPS & Telematics Integration
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Fuel Management:

  • Fuel Management
  • Fuel Card Integration

People Management:

  • Contact Management
  • Roles & Permissions System


Frotcom is a leading global provider of intelligent vehicle fleet management and GPS tracking solutions, with a presence in more than 30 countries.

GPS vehicle and asset tracking:

  • Fleet cost management
  • Fleet management reports
  • GPS trailer and asset tracking
  • GPS vehicle tracking and sensor monitoring
  • Nearest vehicles
  • Route planning and monitoring

Driver management:

  • Automatic driver identification system
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Driving times monitoring
  • Electronic logging device – US
  • Integrated navigation system
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Remote tachograph download
  • Text communication with drivers


  • Fleet alarms
  • Fuel management
  • Panic button alert
  • Remote cargo temperature monitoring
  • Remote vehicle immobilization
  • Vehicle access control system


Geotab’s fleet management software and GPS vehicle tracking devices are used to track thousands of vehicles.

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Driver Behavior Management
  • Robust Engine Data Reporting
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Engine Health & Maintenance
  • Open Data Integration
  • Custom Mapping


Powerful white label tracking platform. Server software is compatible with 900+ GPS trackers.

  • Suitable for any type of business or industry
  • Branding and customization capabilities
  • Compatible with any GPS tracker & sensor
  • Software works in all countries, 30+ languages
  • Powerful features: history alerts, reports, etc.
  • 3 levels of user access: Admin, Manager, User
  • API access, Payment gateway
  • Get branded apps and add them to the App Stores
  • Free software setup, free updates, free training
  • International support via mail, Skype


GPSTrackit brings you the most innovative GPS fleet tracking software that offers extensive vehicle management solutions taking your fleet to the next level.

  • Powerful Business Intelligence
  • Detailed Interactive Maps
  • Robust Reporting
  • Customized Automation
  • Asset and Vehicle Theft Protection


GPS Insight helps customers engage their fleet by delivering innovative solutions and actionable insights.

  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Dispatch
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Communication
  • Scorecards
  • Data on the Go


Verizonconnect GPS fleet management software can help your business reduce fuel costs, improve productivity and customer service. Learn more about how our easy to use dashboards can help you monitor vehicle and driver performance, organize your fieldworkers with online job management, dispatch, invoicing and more.

  • Access from anywhere
  • Detailed maps
  • Easy-to-use dashboards
  • Solutions for productivity and utilization


Automate and manage your mobile resources with our trusted GPS based vehicle tracking software that combines live tracking, vehicle management, driver behavior and work order management.

  • Live On-map Tracking
  • Route History
  • API Integration
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Driver Identification/ Shift Change
  • Custom Hierarchy
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Engine Hours
  • Measuring Sensors
  • Over-The Air (OTA)
  • Driving & Safety
  • Geo-fence Alerts
  • Distance & Speed Reports
  • Trip & Stoppage Reports
  • Temperature Monitoring


GoFleet is a renowned provider of real-time GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems and fleet management utilizing modern GPS technologies.

  • Fleet Management Services
  • Real-time, Any time
  • Reduce fuel usage by 18%
  • Driver coaching can improve fuel efficiency by up to 12%
  • Get en route, on time
  • Keeping genius simple
  • Confirm Compliance with In-Depth Reporting
  • Integrated Intelligence is a Smart Move
  • Innovation Meets Communication


Austracker’s GPS vehicle tracking fleet management software gives you insights, even when they’re offsite, so business run more efficiently and profitably.

  • Fleet management
  • Dispatch Management
  • GPS Security
  • Asset Tracker
  • Fleet Compliance
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Fleet Reporting

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