Top 10 Best Customer Communications Management (CCM) Software

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a software solution that helps banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and other organizations to manage and deliver personalised communications to their customers across multiple channels including email, mobile, social media, and print. CCM software is designed to streamline and automate the communication process, enabling businesses to deliver personalised messages to customers at scale, ensuring efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

The goal of CCM software is to help businesses create a personalised and consistent customer experience across all channels, thus increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue. It allows businesses to create a more profound understanding of customer preferences, which ultimately drives better business outcomes.

In today’s digital age, businesses are searching for ways to make communication with customers more personal, engaging, and dynamic. This is where CCM software becomes valuable, as it enables businesses to deliver personalised content based on customer data gathered from multiple sources, such as customer interactions, purchase history, and social media trends. The software helps businesses to create and send communications such as invoices, statements, welcome letters, customer notifications, and loyalty programmes.

For businesses to stand out, they must offer more than just excellent products and services. They must provide an exceptional customer experience that keeps customers engaged and loyal. Customers expect personalised communication to keep them connected to the brand, and this is where CCM software plays a critical role. It allows businesses to streamline the communication process, automate processes, and ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

One advantage of CCM software is its ability to automate the communication process. It ensures timeliness, accuracy, and consistency in message delivery by leveraging data and analytics to provide personalised messages regardless of the channel. Automated messages are also cost-effective and reduce the workload on employees who would otherwise have to attend to every communication manually.

Additionally, businesses can employ analytics and insights based on the data collected in the communication process to better understand customer preferences and behaviours. By deepening their knowledge of customer needs, businesses can tailor messaging to support better engagement and conversion.

Another essential benefit of CCM software is that it makes it possible for businesses to deliver timely and relevant communication across multiple channels. Customers are constantly interacting with brands across a wide range of devices and channels, and the software ensures that businesses can reach them wherever they are. For example, if a business has identified their customers prefer to receive communication via text message, CCM software can be used to automate the generation of timely and personalised text messages, ensuring they see and respond promptly to important information from the brand.

Finally, CCM software can create a consistent and identifiable brand identity across all communication channels. This consistency helps businesses to build a strong brand loyalty among customers by keeping the messaging and design elements of communication pieces consistent. By providing a familiar and recognisable voice, businesses can create a lasting impression that helps to keep them connected to the customer.

CCM software is a vital tool for businesses seeking to improve customer communication, engagement, and satisfaction. The software enables businesses to personalise communications, automate the communication process, and ensure consistency across all channels. By using CCM software, businesses can optimise communication workflows, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty. With increased customer retention and revenue growth, it makes sense for businesses to invest in CCM software solutions that provide an exceptional customer experience.


LiveAgent customer communication management software will provide personalized, quick, and knowledgeable service to your customers.

  • Cross and multi-channel consolidation
  • Shifting over to cloud based services
  • Two way communication


Thryv – manage customers anytime, anywhere and on any device with Thryv’s small business software: CRM, Text and Email Marketing, Social Media, Websites and more.

  • Manage every conversation from one inbox
  • View every single message in client-specific threads, instantly
  • Easily respond back and forth, including to text messages
  • Never forget to follow up again, with automated reminders and read receipts
  • Let staff help you manage the day-to-day


Automate the entire customer communication process, from production and assembly to personalization and omnichannel delivery.

  • Digital Forms
  • Personalized Communications
  • Workflow Management
  • Automated Customer Experience (CX) & Engagement
  • Template & Asset Library Management
  • Smart Documents
  • Omnichannel Communications


Improve & automate customer engagement with personalized documents using OpenText StreamServe Customer Communications Management.

  • Reduce costs
  • Get to market faster
  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement
  • Ensure compliance
  • Faster turnaround for key business processes
  • Significantly increased efficiency and throughput
  • Support for new business opportunities


Customer communication management (CCM) software by Newgen helps to personalize & automate customer engagement with modern approach.

  • Flexible designing and authoring designer
  • Extensive template management capabilities
  • Web-based content repository
  • Automated document generation
  • Faster letter and contract generation
  • Multi-channel distribution and tracking
  • Diverse integration capabilities
  • Strong user management and extensive audit logs
  • Robust integration with business applications, core systems, portals, etc.
  • Cloud deployments, enabling faster time-to-market


Hyland customer communications management software reduces the time and effort it takes to create individually personalized content manually.

  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Lowers costs
  • Allows better allocation of staff resources
  • Ensures more accurate and visually consistent communications
  • Supports compliance for corporate standards and relevant regulations


Papyrus digital Customer Communication Platform enables corporations to consolidate all types of document output (high-volume batch, online, user interactive and on-demand) to one platform.

  • Document Capabilities
  • Responding in real time
  • Transactional communications
  • Consolidation
  • Ad-hoc Web Documents
  • Interactive Letter writing
  • Correspondence Wizard
  • Campaigns with targeted Messages
  • Print and e-delivery
  • Real-time dashboards provide end to end control


Kofax customer communications management software is a single document generation and output management tool to help you better engage with your customers.

  • Transform customer workflows
  • Enhance personalization
  • Improve productivity


Intense Technologies help you gain a complete view of your customers by bridging data and process silos.

  • Interactive mobile responsive statements enhance CX and optimize service costs
  • Interactive video bill solution helps transform customer experience significantly
  • Interactive Communications Engage Customers throughout the Customer Lifecycle
  • Digitalize your customer-centric processes with AI and improve Net Promoter Score


Master the art of Customer Communications Management and make the most of every customer touchpoint with bespoke CCM solutions from WayPath.

  • CCM Strategy & Roadmap
  • End-to-End Development & Testing
  • CCM Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Migration & Upgrade Support
  • Managed Support Services
  • Intelligent Automation & Data Unification
  • Web-based Command & Control Interface
  • Interactive Content Management
  • Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform
  • OpenText Exstream Training & Post-implementation Support
  • Access to Senior CCM Developers

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