Top 10 Best Bill of Materials (BOM) Software

A bill of materials (BOM) is an essential component in any manufacturing or production process. It is used to list all the materials, components, parts, and assemblies required to produce a finished product. A BOM software is a computer program that simplifies the creation, management, and sharing of BOMs.

Traditionally, manufacturers have used spreadsheets or paper-based BOMs to track their materials and costs. However, as production processes became increasingly complex and the global supply chain grew, these methods became inadequate. BOM software, on the other hand, offers manufacturers an effective way to manage the entire BOM process.

One of the primary benefits of using BOM software is its ability to centralize BOM creation and management. The software makes it easier for teams to collaborate and ensure accuracy and consistency across all projects. With BOM software, all stakeholders have access to the same data, making it easier to track changes to the BOM over time and maintain accurate records.

BOM software can also help manufacturers with product design and development. By having all the material and component information in one place, engineers and designers can quickly identify potential problems, such as part conflicts or insufficient stock levels. With the software, it is possible to ensure that the right materials and components are ordered in the right quantities, which saves time and money while improving product quality.

Another benefit of BOM software is its ability to help manufacturers with cost estimation. The software can calculate the total cost of each product based on the BOM, considering factors such as raw material costs, labor costs, and overhead costs. This enables manufacturers to accurately determine the profitability of a product and make informed decisions about pricing.

Furthermore, BOM software can also help with supply chain management by providing visibility into supplier performance and inventory levels. With this information, manufacturers can streamline their procurement process, reduce lead times, and improve stock management. This, in turn, can lead to improved customer satisfaction as it ensures products are delivered on time and in the correct quantities.

BOM software can also help businesses with compliance and sustainability requirements. With the software, it is easy to track the origin of each material used in a product and ensure that all products meet environmental and regulatory standards. This information can be used to create reports that demonstrate compliance and sustainability to customers, shareholders, and regulatory bodies.

BOM software is an essential tool for manufacturers and businesses in today’s global marketplace. It streamlines the BOM process, enables collaboration and communication between teams, improves product design and development, helps with cost estimation, enhances supply chain management, and ensures compliance with regulations and sustainability requirements. By implementing BOM software, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.


MRPeasy is cloud-based Bill of Materials (BOM) software for small manufacturers (10-200 employees). MRPeasy is user-friendly, affordable, simple yet powerful software as a service, no download and servers needed.

  • Effortlessly create, manage, and edit BOMs of various complexity
  • Tie your business together with BOM software
  • Stay on top of BOM versions
  • Integrated Bill of Materials (BOM) Software for Business Growth


OpenBOM – Integrated Cloud PDM, PLM, bill of material and inventory management system for engineering teams, manufacturing companies.

  • Manage CAD Files, Parts, BOMs, Orders, RFQ, Vendors, and Purchasing
  • Plug and Play CAD and Enterprise Integrations
  • Instant Data Sharing and Simultaneous Collaboration
  • Flexible Multi-Tenant Data Model


Modern cloud manufacturing software that helps you stay on top of inventory management, material planning, production scheduling, and more.

  • Real-time master planning with bill of materials software
  • Ensure accuracy with costing features built for precision
  • Materials BOM software equipped with powerful live inventory management features


ERPAG is an all-in-one cloud-based MRP/ERP solution Inside the system, you will find all sub-modules necessary to run all your operations.

  • Sales Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing management
  • API integration
  • B2B Customer Portal
  • POS
  • Dropshipping


OWASP CycloneDX is a full-stack Bill of Materials (BOM) standard that provides advanced supply chain capabilities for cyber risk reduction.

  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
  • Software-as-a-Service Bill of Materials (SaaSBOM)
  • Hardware Bill of Materials (HBOM)
  • Operations Bill of Materials (OBOM)
  • Vulnerability Disclosure Reports (VDR)
  • Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX)

MEND.IO’s automated remediation for open source and custom code improves application security and saves crucial time for developers.

  • Identify all open source libraries
  • Track and document each component, including direct and transitive dependencies
  • Update automatically when components change


MasterControl bill of materials (BOM) systems help in automating bill of material management processes and procedures.

  • Complete, Accurate BOM Documentation
  • Connected, Traceable BOM Processes


Ciiva cloud-based Bill of Materials (BOM) management system scrubs & manages your BOMs throughout the product lifecycle in one centralized database.

  • Real-time BOM Pricing and Availability
  • BOM Revision Control and Compare
  • Where Used Visualisation across All BOMs
  • Component Comparison
  • Alternative and Substitute Components
  • Instant Component Lifecycle for Entire BOMs
  • Multi-level BOMs


Kerridge CS offers fully integrated ERP software, systems and solutions to the distributive and manufacturing trades to increase business efficiency.

  • Comprehensive instructions for every process and defined resource allocation
  • Manage product configurations for all BOM revisions and reduce the amount of BOMs with Configurator functionality
  • Manufacture multiple items from one work order with multi-product BOM
  • Quickly identify stock availability with trial kitting functionality
  • Streamline workflow and track all labour costings and revisions


Unleashed provides a central platform to create and maintain your recipes. Achieve a more cost-effective production process with the flexibility to adjust your Bill of Materials as your business requires.

  • Easily manage recipes
  • Avoid production delays
  • Improve your bottom line

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