Top 10 Angularjs Interview Questions

Written in Javascript, AngularJS library is one of the best known framework used for open-source web applications. Maintained by Google, this framework is basically used to develop single-page applications while also simplifying the development and testing of applications by providing a MVC architecture.

If you are looking for a job as a front-end developer, you are sure to be asked questions related to the AngularJS framework. Before proceeding to the AngularJS interview questions section, always make sure that you have the knowledge on the basics and architecture. These AngularJS interview questions and answers will also help you to sharpen your knowledge on the subject.

Take a look at these 10 AngularJS interview questions and answers which we believe will help you during the interview preparation for front-end developer.

1. What do you know about AngularJS?

Answer: AngularJS is a open-source framework designed in JavaScript and developed by Google. This framework is basically designed to create single-page or one-page web applications that require either JavasScript, CSS or HTML.

AngularJS framework is also considered to be the future of web development and can be used as a replacement of Asp.Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails or JSP. It’s well structured pattern, testing features on both ends, and easy maintainability is what makes it one of the best frameworks for web development.

2. Why is AngularJS named so?

Answer: In HTML, the codes use angular brackets (< & >) and because ng sounds like Angular, it is called AngularJS.

3. How is AngularJS framework better than other frameworks in JavaScript?

Answer: AngularJS is so designed that it can be implemented for different sized web applications- small or large. The basic differences between AngularJS and other frameworks that puts AngularJS upperhand are-

  • It makes use of POJO (plain old Javascript Objects).
  • It’s leverage is based on dependency injection.
  • The mark-up used in AngularJS live in the DOM.

4. What IDEs do you use for AngularJS development?

Answer: AngularJS can be used with any IDEs that support JavaScript development. Some of the IDEs are TextMate, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, etc.

5. Can you use AngularJS with JQuery?

Answer: Yes. AngularJS can be used with JQuery. However, AngularJS has no dependence to JQuery. AngularJS uses JQlLite by default and to use it JQuery, we need to load the JQuery library first that’ll skip the JQLite to work with it.

6. Is AngularJS secure to use?

Answer: Yes. AngularJS prevents HTML injection, CSS attacks and also supports XSRF protection.

7.  What are $ and $$ used for in AngularJS?

Answer: Sometimes there can be accidental name collisions while writing codes. In order to differentiate public objects with private objects, AngularJS prefixes are used. $ is used with public objects and $$ is with private objects.

8. How do you compile AngularJS?

Answer: The HTML compiler in Angular indicated HTML syntax to the browser through the directives. It uses $compiler to compile the web-pages after the static DOM is loaded completely.

It is similar as in the C programming where the code is first compiled, linked to an executable file and the program is run.

9. What do you use data binding in AngularJS?

Answer: In order to cut-short the boilerplate codes or same codes that are frequently used within the program, data-binding is used. Data binding can be done either by two-way or one-way.

10. Does AngularJS support mobile browser/devices?

Answer: Yes. AngularJS can be used to develop web pages designed specifically for mobile devices as well. The ngTough Library is used to detect the browser events.

AngularJS framework is used to design several landing pages for websites today. As a front-end developer, you’ll need to understand the basics of this framework in order to proceed with writing the codes in the design process.