The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Software Development

Software development is constantly evolving, thanks to the emergence of technology in the IT sector and various industries. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have quickly taken over the tech world. And it won’t be wrong to say that sooner or later it is likely to take over humans. Whether or not this will happen is another discussion, however, many big names in AI like Elon Musk, strongly believe it. Having said that, AI and ML in software development has a promising future. Thus, it is interesting to see how AI development company can work with Artificial Intelligence and its subsets, and revolutionize the process of creating software and AI-based products.

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In fact, applications of AI and ML in software development are getting quite prevalent. Mainly this is because of the huge benefits it offers in different sectors and industries. And also because AI can help in encouraging a faster software development process, enhance code quality, and also lower the risks related to building software solutions.

In this article, we are going to discuss how AI and ML are emerging technologies in software development. Their scope and use cases in software development and more. So let’s start with the discussion.

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept, especially for researchers and techies around the world. This technology dates back centuries ago, and some even believe it is as old as Greek mythology, as it states the concept of machines and mechanical men. Here are some of the main highlights in AI ever since the inception of the technology:

The Start of Artificial Intelligence

  • In 1943 Warren McCulloch and Walter Pits put forward the concept of artificial neurons.
  • In 1949, Donald Hebb showed an improved way to adjust the connection strength between artificial neurons, which is called Hebbian learning.
  • Alan Turing was a profound English Mathematician who developed Machine Learning in 1950. He published Computing Machinery and Intelligence in which he presented the test. This test is known as the Turing Test, which checks the proficiency of the machine to match human intelligence.

The Rise of AI

  • In 1955, Simon built the first artificial intelligence program called Logic Theorist.
  • In 1956, the word artificial intelligence was accepted by American computer scientist John McCarthy and AI was proposed as an academic field.

The Senescence of AI

  • The researchers focused on building algorithms that could solve mathematical issues. In 1966, Joseph Weizenbaum built the first chatbot.
  • In 1972, the first humanoid robot named WABOT-1 was developed by Japan.

The Resonance of AI

  • After a brief, AI winter period of 6 years, AI made its comeback in 1980, with an Expert System. The Expert System was a program developed to imitate the intelligence and decision-making ability of humans.

The Evolution of AI Agents

Before this evolution, there was again a second AI winter period from 1987-1993, where governments stopped funding AI because of high costs and inaccurate results.

  • In 1996, IBM’s Deep Blue defeated world Chess champion, Gary Kasparov. For the very first time, a computer program beat human intelligence.
  • In 2002, Roomba, an AI-driven vacuum cleaner, entered homes.
  • AI enters the business world, with social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter.

Intro to Deep Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

  • In 2011, IBMs Watson won Jeopardy, which is a quiz show, which includes difficult riddles and quizzes. Watson could understand Natural Language Processing and could easily solve trick questions.
  • Google, introduces Google Now, in 2021, which is Google Assistant, and provides information to the user as a prediction.
  • In 2014, chatbot Eugene Goostman won the Turing Test.
  • IBM’s Project Debater participated in a debate with two of the world’s best debaters and performed extremely well.

Presently, big names like Facebook, IBM, OpenAI, Google, and many others are making the most from the concept of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. So the future of AI and ML in software development is certainly promising. Let’s talk about this in detail here.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is the concept or technology that involves developing computer programs and systems that can carry out functions and assignments that would usually need human inputs, including speech recognition, predictive analysis, decision-making, language translation, and so on. Truly, AI can enhance the productivity of software development projects, allowing computer programs to understand the data and information depending upon different contexts, utilize composite algorithms for predictive analysis, figure out patterns, and improve the efficiency of programming. Thus AI can be very useful in custom software development, and improving the efficiency of the outcomes, while delivering the projects on time.

Utilizing AI and its subsets like Machine learning in software development to facilitate a seamless software development process, which is highly efficient and error-free. AI can help in managing and weighing down the scope of the project, requirement analysis and gathering, and timeline, from previous experiences, along with the latest trends and technologies to be used. Besides, AI can also be used for custom cost estimations for each project.

In addition, AI-based machine learning technology can be used for predictive analysis to figure out possible issues at an early stage and address them beforehand.

Benefits of AI and ML in Software Development

Traditional methods of software development are not progressing anymore, that is incorporating AI in software development is how you can advance in it. All of the subsets of Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning are going to be highly effective and a crucial part of software development sooner or later. So it is the best time to understand and incorporate AI in software development.

Here is how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be utilized in software development for better productivity and efficiency:

AI and ML for Automatic Daily Tasks

Automation is the key to advanced software development. Truly it can be useful in not just saving a lot of time, but also completing daily monotonous tasks with efficiency. AI tools trained through machine learning can be used for the automation of routine tasks through coding while enhancing overall productivity at work. Using AI technology for automation allows developers to spend their time on tasks that require more time and effort, while also being creative.

Creative Prototypes

Understanding the business requirements and transforming them into a technological solution needs a lot of effort and time. In fact, you need a lot of creative ideas and an understanding of the current trends and technologies to come up with a proficient prototype. However, by utilizing machine learning, the developers can effectively reduce the time needed in this phase. Simply allow the professionals with lesser technical expertise to build the technologies using virtual interfaces and natural language processing.

Enhance Code Quality

AI and ML can be used in software development to improve code quality. By using AI algorithms and techniques, for writing and analyzing code quality. In most cases, it can be beneficial in analyzing the code quality. And even during the software development process, it can be used in figuring out issues and errors. Besides, AI can also be used to provide solutions and fixes to these problems. In fact, AIXcoder is an AI-based tool which helps in writing code, code analysis, and error checks. Thus AI can be used by software developers to create high-quality codes, improving the efficiency of the programmers.

Smart Assistants

A developer needs to focus on many things before delivering the final project. Many times the programmers have to spend much time reading and understanding the project by going through the documentation, white paper, etc. By utilizing smart assistants for programming, the developers can utilize their time on tasks that require more effort. These assistants provide real-time information, support, and recommendations, like best practices, code examples, and valuable documents.

Accelerate Software Development Process

With the emergence of AI and ML the software development process is also evolving, allowing developers to utilize these tools and techniques to provide the best outcomes. Artificial Intelligence can facilitate error detection, and code search, decreasing the time required by the developer to fix the issues. Also, AI and ML can be used in predictive analysis, which again provides smart suggestions to the developers based on research and data, which allows them to build products based on user preferences.

Planned Decisions

AI analysis is similar or related to projects, and because machine learning already has much information in hand about it. This allows developers to gain insights and a deeper understanding of the projects, and even decide the priorities. The AI platforms can be trained by experiencing and learning from previous mistakes and challenges in development projects, which can be used in evaluating the performance of current applications. This allows the software development teams to facilitate the process and also the businesses to maximize their efforts.

Precise Cost Estimation

In most cases, the software development often exceeds the deduced estimated costs for several reasons, and in many cases even the deadlines. To combat this issue, correct cost estimates must be given based on previous projects and current market trends. This requires deep expertise, knowledge, and assessment. Machine learning allows training from the previous data and projects including user stories, and functionalities, along with estimates for predicting the time, effort, and cost of the project.

Future of AI and ML in Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field of Computer Science that provides a lot in scope for software development. In this article, we have discussed in detail how Artificial intelligence along with machine learning can be utilized to facilitate the process of software development. Indeed, AI makes the entire process highly accurate and efficient. In fact, there is a boom in AI and we are already witnessing immense growth in this field. There is no doubt, software developers will witness more involvement in AI and its subsets in the upcoming years.

Notably, Artificial Intelligence seems to have a significant impact on the designing and developing of software. Most software and AI development companies are utilizing this shift in technology and have already adopted it in their products and services. So it will be interesting to see how AI and ML further transform software development.

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