The Complete Guide to Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

Everybody knows that Facebook is the colossal giant of social media with a massive chunk of audience. It is what drives every brand to utilize the platform to sell its products and services.

Every brand wants to sell, but selling does not mean putting heaps of content out there, hoping for leads and conversions. To capture people’s interests, you need to have excellent Facebook sales funnel.

What is Facebook sales funnel?

As Facebook is not an eCommerce site, you cannot expect people to buy an item as soon as they come across it. They need to be told what they have to do when they have a remarkable product or valuable service.

It would help if you created magic that will make them stop, gaze at the product and have the willingness to buy it. This magic is done by a Facebook sales funnel- an interpretation of customers’ journey before purchasing an item from this medium.

The funnel has three parts:

  1. Top of the Funnel (ToFu)
  2. Middle of the Funnel (MoFu)
  3. Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu)

ToFu is the stage where you create brand awareness. You target a bunch of audiences and make them aware of the products and services you offer. You create advertisements that expand your reach and persuade people to take a look at your deliverables.

The middle part is all about showing how original and different your brand is. Also known as the evaluation stage, this phase is all about focusing on leads and nurturing them. You can offer free samples, takeaways, and trials so that customers know how your products work and why they should choose you instead of other brands.

In the last stage, BoFu focuses on conversion and retention. It is the buying stage where audiences turn into customers and make their purchases.

Now that you understood how the sales funnel stages work let us move to the next step- How to build one?

How to develop Facebook sales funnel?

Ask, ‘who are your target audience?’

Before you start using the platform, you need to know who you are targeting. Why? It is because you need to generate content as per your audiences’ preferences. When you do not know who your audiences are, you cannot create the right content. As a result, you fail to evoke interest and get customers.

Whilst setting your target audience, keep a tab on demographic, location, and psychological attributes. Creating buyer personas can also be beneficial because this will help you make more tailored content as per the audiences’ preferences.

Create your best content

To make the Facebook sales funnel work, you need some quality pieces of content. Content rules, and it is undeniable! It strengthens your marketing strategies, increases a brand’s visibility, and drives customers to take action.

Content necessarily does not mean long blog posts that you need to upload here. No! It can be anything from videos, slideshow, images, surveys, and so on. What matters most is that the content needs to be of superior quality and relate to the buyers’ interest.

Your sole purpose is to get your onlookers’ curiosity. So, what should you do? Spread variety!

Just like an assorted seafood platter appears yummy, the same works when you mix and match content and put them on Facebook, expecting more engagement. Of course, you need to figure out what works the best so that you can attract only those audiences who are interested in your products.

Use lookalike audience

Facebook has a fantastic feature that will help you to create lookalike audiences. With this feature’s help, you can create a group of audiences with similar interests, behaviours, and habits to your current audiences.

To create one:

  1. Go to the Facebook Ads Manager and find the audience section.
  2. Select the audience source, location, and audience size, and make a perfect lookalike audience.
  3. Please make a small group because it increases the chance of matching your core audiences.

Why should you do this? It expands your reach with less effort and increases brand awareness.

Promote content to a warm and lookalike audience

Warm audiences are visitors who have heard about your brand and show interest in buying the products. When you engage them with your post, they are more likely to become hot audiences.

Keep an eye on the engagement rates so that you can determine which category of content is working in your favour. All you need to do is promote the content to get a good number of likes, shares, and comments.

If done correctly, you can turn warm and lookalike audiences into buyers!


Content remarketing is all about creating a second impression in front of your audience, maximising content’s reach, and boosting engagement. When you do it, you do not leave the cold traffic behind. You expose your brand before them, as well, slightly making them aware of your existence.

You can do remarketing based on website visits, page visits, people interacting with your Instagram business profile, event interactions, and more.

Offer incentives and freebies

Now when you have lookalike and warm audiences, all you need to do is push them to make a purchase. If you feel that your job is done after stirring interests amongst the visitors, you are utterly wrong! You need to keep their interest running and make them visit your pages more often.

How can you do this? By offering free trials, special discounts, flash sales offer, and other return gifts that seize audiences’ attention, just like an example shared below.

Why should you do this? It expands your reach with less effort and increases brand awareness.

Customer retention

Customer retention means turning customers into repeated and loyal buyers. To do this, you need to create trust first. Your customers need to trust your brand and prove to them that you care for their needs.

Offer them extraordinary and active customer service where their problems are instantly addressed and solved. Even if you face negative feedback, do not ignore it. Respond gently and ensure to improve your service the next time of purchase.

Always engage

When you are developing a sales funnel, always remember to engage with your audiences. It is not rocket science to understand. It would be best if you did simple things like replying to their comments, messaging them on messenger, solving their queries, asking them about your services, creating a poll, and so on.

The intention is to nurture them and make them stay. Your prompt responses will make them inclined to choose you again and again.

The takeaway

Facebook has become one of the best platforms to display and promote your brand. Building a Facebook sales funnel can effectively reach those audiences you likely turn into buyers, and that too repeated ones.

Remember that the process is long, tiring, and time-consuming. You cannot expect a result right after creating the funnel; you need to keep tweaking the variable to know what works and what does not. Nurturing audiences take time, but you can always expect positive results in the end.

Are you ready to put this theory into practice? Create your Facebook sales funnel now and see how it works for your brand.

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