The Best 7 Trending Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques

Property listings with high-quality descriptive pictures sell faster than those without images. This is because pictures are crucial for the real estate business- they not only grab attention but also engage the customers. They generate interest and help in attracting leads. You can capitalize on these leads and convert them into sales. But, here you must first understand what can be called a good property image.

With the advent of new technologies and software, a plain photoshoot might not do the trick for you. Professional and experienced editing will be required to represent your property in the best light. Architectural photo editing services can assist you, by simultaneously saving you time and capital. Let’s discuss the difficulties faced by businesses in real estate photography, the critical aspects of architectural photography retouching, and its trending techniques.

The Photography Challenges for Real Estate

Firstly, we should get acquainted with the complexities faced by realtors while working on property images. Here, their goal is to intrigue prospective consumers and inspire them to take action. Understanding the challenges of real estate businesses and editing photos for it will give you clarity on the requirements of the various editing techniques. As real estate images deal with a subject that is big and cannot be manipulated to suit the camera, it has the following challenges:

Space and Angle

As real estate pictures deal with stationary subjects, space and photography angles create complexities. For instance, trying to capture a 100-square-foot bedroom can pose a serious challenge for camera placement.

Only skilled photographers with access to tripods and other types of equipment will be able capture such compact spaces through a wide-angle shot. For best results, such pictures can be manipulated by professionals from interior photo editing services by adding two clear shots and a perfect light balance. Experienced experts can overcome this challenge by a few other methods as well, and bring the best results.

Light and Shadows

Natural light is best for real estate photography. But, it cannot be ensured in every shot. The shadows cast by various objects and furniture pose an additional challenge.

For the best naturally lit real estate pictures, you should shoot during the morning or afternoon hours. Avoid taking pictures in interior light, and for best results, keep them switched off while doing natural light photography. Since artificial lights disturb the tone of real life colors in property interiors. Moreover, you can edit the light and shadow in post-production or hand over the task to an experienced expert from architectural photo retouching services.


Clutter can end up wasting all the photographer’s efforts. Property images need a clean and fresh look. Cluttering can demotivate consumers and lead to a loss of interest. They cannot imagine themselves in a property that has broken corners, flooring, or scattered furnishing. That is why realtors like to organize property staging for photoshoots. Home staging is modeling of the property with attractive furnishing. But sometimes it can be a challenge when the owners do not wish to take the staging option. Apart from this, staging needs capital investment too, so the budget should be viable for it.

To deal with this challenge, you have the options of cloning and virtual staging. But, these editing styles require skills and experience, otherwise, it concludes with an artificial look that is not helpful either. You can try architectural photo editing services for better results.

The Real Estate Editing Techniques In-demand

A good camera setup is not enough to ensure appealing images in your real estate portfolio. Editing skills with experience to integrate trending techniques can turn simple images into efficient sales pitches. The following methods of retouching property images can be used to increase your customer response.

Cloning Pictures

Decluttering a property that is still occupied is tough. Consumers like to see clean and empty spaces, it helps them visualize and make decisions accordingly. In such cases, you can use the image cloning technique, which will help you create a similar picture without clutter. This editing is even useful in properties that need repair, or that are still under construction. It is an easy method that can be used through editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Removing Objects

It is quite a common, but equally necessary and useful real estate photo editing trend. Imagine you are shooting the property exteriors, but the view gets blocked by a vehicle, or there is dry grass and bushes in your lawn that is affecting your image quality. In such a scenario object removal editing can work wonders. You can easily get rid of objects that block your focus or affect picture quality with the help of exterior photo editing services.

HDR Images

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo editing is another popular trend that instills freshness and life in your property pictures. It enhances the richness and gives a premium feel to onlookers. Though advanced cameras have this in-built function to capture HDR shots. You can also convert plain property pictures into HDR through architectural photography retouching services.

Sky Replacement

This can be used to change the skies in the backdrop and give your real estate pictures a suitable and interesting look. The effect of the natural blue sky in the backdrop of your property cannot be ignored. It enhances the overall feel. If you have taken the property exterior shots on a dark or gloomy day, it can be replaced by a sunny sky, reflecting the same natural light effect on the subject. This technique helps realtors save time. They no longer need to wait for the sunlight to get the perfect shot. You can click the pictures anytime and use exterior photo editing services to replace the sky for perfection.

Virtual Staging

Staging is necessary to provide consumers with a visualization of the property. Traditional staging needed investment and had a limited scope of design. Virtual staging has evolved as a popular alternative as it is cheaper, and can be easily implemented, regardless of the property type.

Here, the real estate photos can be modified with suitable premium furniture and in-trend interior styles. Prospective buyers can visualize themselves living inside the respective property which l helps them to make an informed choice. To get the most out of this editing technique, realtors should pay attention to keeping the staging as close to reality as possible. If you have engaged architectural photo editing services, you must ensure that their virtual staging does not give an artificial feel.

Twilight Effect

This effect is in demand as it imparts a very classy and premium look to the property pictures. It is also called the virtual dusk effect. Through this editing, you can transform a dull sky into a stunning twilight sky. It can be used to add different lighting and time impressions to an image. Realtors can use it to showcase how an evening or dawn will feel at the property. It helps them attract customers.

3D Tours

Another way to assist prospective customers to visualize the property is a 3D walk-through. Businesses can use it to provide a virtual tour of the property before customers decide to visit the site physically. It enables them to have a clear look at the space and analyze it against their requirements. As this type of editing needs skill and experience, businesses should be careful in choosing the eligible services partner who can impart a professional level delivery.


Real estate photo editing is not a simple task. You need to empathize with the consumer and understand their requirements. Your property pictures must satisfy their curiosity.

The images will need basic editing as well as retouching, depending on the need. Good skills and experience will not just reflect in your property pictures, but it will help you gain leads with higher chances of sales conversions. Engaging architectural photography retouching services can help you achieve this goal along with saving time and investment.

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