The 11 Best Timeline Makers and Timeline Management Software

The timeline maker is professional software created to let people adjust and build time line examples. This is to meet the demand for any project management. This is useful for every company especially if the company is strict on meeting the demand of every client. If you want your company to be competent and efficient, this timeline is what you need. The software is very easy to manage and any employee can learn how to use the software in less than an hour. It is very effective when managing working hours as well as you project time with all the help of its very powerful features.

If you are the project manager, you can understand and plan better for the progress of the project if you have visual timeline review. You can also generate fresh idea and new decision regarding time management. If you are aiming for successful project management, the timeline software can review the chronological sequence of every project events. All member of the group can easily review on-going project events, the duration of the task and other project meetings. The conventional timeline software maker can offer functionality to the following:

  • Design- you can design your own timeline according to the need of the project. The software can be easily manipulated, you can use to your advantage. Create timeline examples which is helpful to all users and members of the within the project. Designing and creating a timeline can be very hard especially if you do not have the right pattern and guideline about making timeline, but with the help of this software it will be very easy for you.
  • Edit- you can easily edit all components within the timeline maker in real time. This is very important for a project. If the project is on-going you have to make several changes within the component of the timeline. This is to know the real progress of the project. One of the main advantages of the software is its real-time feature.
  • Share and print- if you are in a project management, it is important to share information among the member of the group which handles the project. The software will allow you to share and even print the components within the timeline.
  • Charts- you can create your own timeline charts to comply with the need of the project.

In traditional timeline maker, it is very time consuming and boring. When you use this modern timeline maker, you can experience great functionality and manage different projects at the same time. It offers scheduling task and it allows the sharing of timeline examples especially to your clients and members. This new software offers new way of completing timeline review with the use of unifying task management, project management, and time management. These three are very important components of a project and you can unify these three to create effective and functional timeline.

This timeline making software is also base on the client’s server. This software offers a very professional look timeline for task as well as project management. It will allow you to create good looking timeline examples, templates for your review timeline, and drag-drop functionality in placing timeline components. Each component of the timeline can be shared among members of the group and your clients. The timeline maker is effective software you can use to manage every task within the project.

  • Project planning- this is the first step in managing projects. You will not be able to manage a project without an effective plan. Planning will make the work smoothly and easily. The software will allow help you to make an effective plan for your project management.
  • Project executing- to execute the plan you have created, the software will help you execute the plan you have made for the advantage and progress of the project.
  • Project controlling- the ability of the software to make real-time changes within the component of the project will allow you to control the entire project. Project manager can control the duration of the project. This is important for projects which are time pressure.
  • Project reporting- it is important for the project manager to report the progress of the project especially to the client. With the help of this software, they can easily print the component and share it to people.

Time management is very vital when you are in time pressured project. You have to have definite starting and ending date of the project. This time schedule should be followed strictly in order to ensure the progress of the project. Your business will gain more profit if you are doing all project within the time frame. Remember all projects which will go over the target date are big lost to the company. Timeline maker software is perfect tool which can bring fortune to your business. More clients will be satisfied with your performance with the help of this timeline software.


Venngage’s online timeline creator offers professional, easy to customize timeline templates. Create a timeline infographic to show an overview of a project, visualize the steps in a process, highlight important events and more.

  • Hundreds of professional timeline templates
  • Thousands of diverse icons
  • Custom fonts for all design styles


Officetimeline easy-to-use timeline software helps you quickly turn complex data into clear, eye-catching visuals that engage your audience.

  • #1 Free Online Timeline Maker Anyone Can Use
  • Easily make professional timelines online
  • Simple, accessible online timeline generator
  • Web flexibility with PowerPoint familiarity
  • Build timelines faster. Connect to your Excel files to generate beautiful timelines instantly
  • Produces native PowerPoint slides that can be shared and edited by others


Make Professional Presentations & Infographics Online with Visme’s amazingly simple free tool with 1000’s of templates & graphics. Publish Online or Download for offline use.

  • Stunning templates that are easy and flexible
  • Make your data beautiful and easy to understand
  • Bring your content to life
  • Publish online or download to use offline
  • Decide what content is private or public
  • Analytics and Engagement Tools


Time.Graphics is a timeline and free of charge online service for creating infographics. Is it possible to make historical analysis in one click? Yes, it’s real.

  • Complete export for offline viewing
  • Download & Print
  • Integrated with Google Services
  • Reporting APIs
  • Global statistics library


Bitrix24 100% free online project management software with timeline view. Gantt, dependencies, intranet, extranet. Cloud and open source.

  • Free – 12 users
  • Free – 5 GB online storage
  • Free unlimited projects
  • Free unlimited subtasks
  • Task dependencies
  • Multiple Gantt charts
  • Unlimited users ($99/mo)
  • Unlimited storage ($199/mo)
  • Cloud & On Premise
  • Free mobile PM (iOS and Android)
  • Open source code and API


Create and share professional Gantt charts in minutes. When project planning in spreadsheets is chaos and fancy project management software is overkill.

  • Create and share professional Gantt charts in minutes
  • Break rules and plan your way — it’s flexible
  • Zoom in to see who’s doing what and when
  • Zoom out to see the overall picture you’re missing
  • Drag ‘n’ drop to make changes on the fly


MatchWare is a leading provider of professional Mind Mapping software. Perfect for education, project management, collaboration, and brainstorming.

  • Create Professional Timelines Instantly!
  • Selecting Time Scale for the Timeline
  • Enter Events and Dates
  • Insert Pictures and Notes to the Timeline
  • Customize Your Timeline
  • Presenting Your Timeline


Timelines for everyone, novice or pro. Everything you need for your investigation, research or business plan. Create, present, and share – use anywhere!

  • Easy as 1-2-3
  • Choose Your Chart Layout
  • Customize with Themes
  • Pick Your Timescale
  • Time of Day and BC Dates
  • Interactive Presentations with or without PowerPoint
  • Share Any Size Chart With Anyone
  • Free Support & No Subscription Fees


Creating flow chart, mind map, org charts, network diagrams and floor plans with rich gallery of examples and templates.

  • Free Templates
  • Powerful File Compatibility
  • Extensive Symbols
  • Fast and Intuitive Editing


The leading work execution platform you need to move from idea to impact – fast.

  • Dashboards
  • Card View
  • Calendar View
  • Gantt View
  • Attach Files
  • Portals
  • Reminders
  • Mobile
  • Forms
  • Alerts & Automated Actions
  • Update Requests
  • Send Row
  • Sharing
  • Notification Center
  • Activity Log
  • Filters
  • Resource Management
  • and More.


Product roadmap and marketing planning software. Sign-up for a free 30-day trial of our web-based product management and marketing tools trusted by more than 250,000 users worldwide.

  • Build products customers love
  • Launch breakthrough campaigns
  • Integrate Aha! with 30+ tools


Scoro is an end-to-end business management software solution for professional and creative services that helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks.

  • Business management
  • Projects and tasks
  • Finances
  • Client management
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Mobile app

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