Talk to Your Clients Through a Legal Case Management Software

Communication with clients, or with staff, the legal world has client communication portals. Much like the podcasting studio located at the School of Law at the University of Georgia, law professionals and clients yearn for a multi-sensory experience. Lawyers require safe communication portals that are secure.

Client portals ensure secure communication

These client portals – secure sites devoted to messaging and file sharing – are wonderful tools for valuable communication between attorney and client. Most of the time, these handy portals are contained within the boundaries of comprehensive legal practice management software purchases. This means they are rarely a standalone software product. Legal case management software that also offers strong Client Portals – are extremely popular. Another long-term user of client portals is the Access to Law Initiative (ALI), a program created for graduates of California Western School of Law. The benefits of client portals include:

  • Improved communication, the ability to communicate in real-time, from anywhere
  • Eliminates phone tag, frees up valuable time
  • Secure Access
  • Provide secure access with mobile devices
  • Cloud-based case management
  • Online document storage
  • Easily share documents
  • Team Collaboration
  • Can be used by any contact of choosing
  • They can upload and download documents

Three companies in particular actively advertise beefed up client portals as parts of practice software. Some software companies are not comprehensive and may offer client portals as just a feature. Other software companies could offer client portals that are powerful enough. Recently the Longshore Case Management System attempted to enhance the existing client portal to meet today’s rapidly changing leaders in law firm software. The client portal should be just as powerful and user-friendly as the rest of the program. The top three that combine the best overall case management services, boosted by equally powerful client portals are Practice Panther, MyCase and Clio.

The product known as MyCase leads the way

MyCase is a common name mentioned among favorite client portals in legal case management software. Clio is a similar product to MyCase, boasting a few options that MyCase does not have. MyCase is described as easy-to-use software that assists users in managing cases, tracking, billing automation and communication. A free 30-day trial is available, this introductory period is available from quite a few software companies. The online portal has been a hit with participants, clients will love the portal offered by MyCases. It is affordable, powerful and communicates with clients in an easier and secure way.

Client portals should be called staff portals

Practice Panther maintains an active online presence with an impressive amount of reviewers posting online. The client portal features, along with overall software performance, maintains an impressive legal software fan following. The “#1 law management software” option on the market, this is also offered as a free trial version. PracticePanther produces client portal software for law firms, a definite believer in equipping law firm case management software platforms with optimal client communication support. The PracticePanther client portal software is a group activity, seemingly branching out to everyone you communicate with, client or staff. The name should be changed to client/staff portal software, perhaps it will be anointed with a more updated and current nickname soon. The main theme is to “bring everyone together.” This isn’t just regularly client portal tasks we are talking here, besides sharing files and assigning tasks, take legal communication to the next level by scheduling meetings and communicate with secure confidence. This is a portal for EVERYONE to interact and communicate about EACH case, PracticePanther is the family meeting member of law firm case management software equipped with powerful client portal components.

Client and Staff communication client portal options

The last member of the list is Clio, another way to communicate with clients through an established law firm management software program. Clio connect, the name of Clio’s communication-driven client portal unites users/members in a giant resource sharing pool. This is the very definition of collaborative effort. Clio Connect goes a little further than instant chat features or nifty video conference option. The highlights shine with the option to allow contacts, clients or co-counsels, the ability to edit and update documents. Clio Connect is like a social world infused features, all designed to enhance and equip users with the Clio Connect experience. Members can access all of the following law firm case management software services through this interactive client portal:

  • Bills
  • Documents
  • Secure Messages
  • Tasks
  • Calendar Entries
  • Matters
  • Time

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