Software Developer Trends and Beyond

Software development has become one of the hottest careers globally, and there are many opportunities for skilled individuals. Since businesses are migrating to the digital world, there is a growing demand for programming skills but you should not head into this industry blindly.

You must study and follow the trends to find the best way to make it big in software development. Who knows, very soon you might realize your dream to start a business in the US. Here are the top trends in this industry you must know to succeed.

Artificial intelligence will soar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside its various subsets such as machine and deep learning will continue to grow in 2020. The demand for AI solutions has grown exponentially and developers are on a constant race of releasing futuristic technology.

There is a lot of funding that goes into this sector, making the opportunities become plenty but with those blessings comes to a lot of work. Most AI solutions are never fully done, for example, think of voice-activated searches.

A couple of years ago, they were not this smart but rather took your query as it was and ran a search. Google Assistant and Siri have worked on trying to understand what you are saying.

There are also AI tools that can process written text and images like Google Assistant. These tools have set the bar too high but if you have some futuristic ideas, you are free on letting your imagination run wild in the AI field. The growth awaiting this field is amazing and you can have the piece of that pie.

Python’s growing popularity

Python has been hailed as one of the most versatile, reliable, and practical languages to develop a wide range of software systems. It has been used in basic computer programs and highly advanced machine learning research.

In all of the fields where Python has been used, the programs have been found to perform well under the greatest pressure. That shows how reliable this language is and has fuelled its popularity and its fame will continue to grow in 2020.

The reason is that this language is very efficient in the development of AI systems. Since there is a great demand in that field, one can tell how much growth in popularity awaits Python.

Another reason fueling the growth of this programming language is that it has a low entry barrier. In addition to that, when you get stranded, there is a large community of like-minded developers that can assist. Python has been hailed one of the fastest-growing programming languages because of these factors.

Utilization of Edge in IoT systems will grow

Edge computing is a trend set to see great growth in 2020 as the demand for fast IoT devices continues to grow. The use of IoT devices in smart homes and the cities will require a real-time response from data centers.

Without this fast connection, the IoT devices can be rendered useless and that defeats the entire purpose of building smart homes and cities. Since these smart devices collect massive amounts of data, developers looked into solutions to making the analysis and procession of this information faster and cheaper.

Edge computing was the obvious solution because this network of data centers makes the analysis and processing of information take place nearer to the device. The time and costs saved with edge computing are quite a lot and end-users will enjoy using their smart devices.

Edge computing services even areas with poor internet connectivity and this technological system will trend during 2020 and beyond because of its growing demand.

DevSecOps put to the spotlight

For many years, the focus has mainly been on DevOps, which was perceived to be a groundbreaking software development technique. The truth is DevOps was a little rough around the edges and still needed to be refined because security concerns were looming over this technique.

Now that those security concerns have been identified, isolated, and resolved, DevOps has been finetuned to what is known as DevSecOps. The security element has become the primary concern of all developers using this technique.

By using automation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Development, developing secure software systems has become a reality. Developers do not have to spend a lot of time trying to resolve issues once the entire product has been developed ad completed.

Rather, they can address concerns right there and then on the spot while developing that particular element of sections of the software. Undoubtedly, this has heightened security measures and made software developed under these principles become more reliable in the long run.

Blockchain technology put to the test

Blockchain technology is one of the greatest developments of our times because of its countless applications. It not only serves the finance or cryptocurrency industry but also facilitates business in a variety of other industries.

Tech researchers who provide online assignment help, say that it can be used as a secure ledger to record transactions in the maritime logistics industry, healthcare sector, and the real estate field. These are just a few industries it services and of course, there are more than can be added on the list as time goes on.

Lately, self-executing smart contracts have developed, making agreements fulfilled on time and payments being made only when and where they are due. Learning how to develop blockchain solutions can be an invaluable skill with the potential of bringing consistent profit.

Many industries are looking for ways to implement blockchain technology and your skills can be of great assistance to them. The possibilities are truly endless when you have practical know-how of developing blockchain solutions.

5G helps the AR/VR sector

5G technology has been the breakthrough AR/VR developers have always hoped for because it has enough bandwidth to power its games and simulations. AR/VR simulations and games are highly dependent on the connection speed; otherwise, the entire experience will be ruined.

That has been the major bottleneck in this field and this caused programs developed using this technology not to be mass-produced. The luck of this technology is about to change and developers can let their creative ideas flow freely without facing bandwidth bottlenecks.

Using 5G connectivity will allow these games and simulations to be deployed online, which is convenient for the developers and end-users. The availability of such programs online will make it easier for developers to tweak, upgrade, or update the source code.

That makes the user experience continually grow and keep up with the times. Development of AR/VR solutions will be one of the major trends in 2020 and you might consider learning how to develop these programs.

The bottom line

If you are a software developer or want to become one, these trends are very important because they should guide your decision-making process. These trends should set you on a better career path that is highly likely to pay a lot of money in the long-run. For example, looking into learning Python to develop AI-powered solutions or studying blockchain development can make your software development career very profitable.

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