Say Goodbye to Clutter: 5 Cable Management Accessories for an Organized TV and Desk Space

Ergonomic chair, exercise desk, office supplies, inspiring table toppers check! But there’s one more thing you need to take care of to create a streamlined work and entertainment station: your messy cables. Worry not with these top picks for cable management accessories! From ties to organizers, these handy little gadgets will keep your space looking neat and tidy in no time. So, let’s get those cords under control and break free from clutter with these top organizing gizmos:

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The best tools for orderly cables and cords

1. Custom power cords

Custom-built cables, or custom power cords, are the ultimate solution to cable management. They are specifically designed to fit your personal needs. This allows you to choose from the vast array of available lengths, connectors, and colors.

Using these cable accessories offers multiple plusses. For starters, you can avoid having excessively long cables that can get tangled, a common problem with standard lines. You can also match their color to your decor so they blend in seamlessly with your surroundings. Another advantage is that you can streamline your cables by getting rid of unnecessary connectors. This is especially beneficial for those with a unique setup and who want a more professional and polished look to their TV and desk space.

Of course, knowing which custom power cords you require is crucial. Here’s a rundown of the most frequently-used types, so you’ll know which ones can meet your needs:

  • Extension cords, which are used to extend the reach of a power source
  • Right-angle cables, with 90-degree angle connectors that allow for a more compact and space-saving setup
  • Splitter cords, which enable multiple devices to be powered from a single outlet

2. Cable ties

Cable ties, more popularly called zip ties, are a must-have accessory for anyone looking to tidy up their working areas. These versatile little straps come in many sizes and are used to bundle unwieldy cords and cables. They’re beneficial for keeping HDMI cables, power cords, and other cables tucked neatly behind your TV or desk. Not only do they help you avoid the eyesore of tangled cords, but they also prevent them from rubbing against each other and getting damaged or frayed. Yet another great thing about cable ties is they are reusable so that you can adjust your cable organization as your needs change. Once you start using cable ties, you’ll never go back to a cluttered cord-filled space again. Here are some types of cable ties to pick from:

  • Nylon cable ties, which are solid and durable
  • Velcro cable ties, which are easy to adjust
  • Releasable cable ties with built-in locking mechanisms, perfect for temporary setups or for making changes to your cable organization
  • UV-resistant cable ties, which are perfect for outdoor use

3. Cable sleeves

Also known as cord covers, these flexible tubes are a stylish and effective way to keep your cords and cables organized. You can use these accessories to conceal your wires and connectors, giving your space a clean appearance. They can also protect your cables from wear and tear by keeping them from getting tangled or bent in the wrong way. You can also choose the colors to match your workstation aesthetics. Cord covers are especially great for those going for a sleek and minimalist look for their TV and desk space.

Yet another wonderful thing about cable sleeves is that they are pretty easy to install: simply slide your cords into the sleeve and cut it to the perfect length for your needs. Check out these cable sleeves before you hit the shops:

  • Neoprene cable covers, which are flexible and water-resistant, ideal for outdoor or damp environments
  • Split loom tubing, made of flexible plastic for concealing multiple cables and cords all at once
  • Elastic aluminum covers, which are best for creating a sleek and modern look

4. Cable clips

Cable clips, or cord clips, are small but mighty “anti-clutter warriors.” These practical gadgets can be used to keep cords and cables securely in place on your desk or behind your TV. They come in different designs and are also easy to set up just clip them onto the surface and run your cables through them. They’re fantastic for keeping cords from sliding around and getting tangled up, especially those that tend to fall behind bigger appliances or tech devices. Whether you’re a neat freak or just want to keep things looking spick and span to impress your colleagues, cable clips are a great addition to your cable management arsenal. Lastly, you can take your pick from adhesive, magnetic, screw-in, or clamp-on cable clips (with spring-loaded mechanisms to grip onto surfaces) that keep cables securely in place. The variety of cable clip choices enables you to work anywhere.

5. Cable organizers

Cable organizers are like little helpers for your cords and cables. They come in a myriad of styles, from simple cable organizers to more advanced models, so you can have one that fits your needs. Some even feature multiple compartments for different types of cables, making it easy to keep track of what goes where. These nifty little devices are amazing for keeping your cords and cables accessible anytime. With cable organizers, you can say goodbye to tangled lines and the endless and frantic search for the right cord (especially when you’re in a hurry!). Now, you can select what suits you best from desktop cable organizers to cord winders and cable management boxes.

The bottom line

If you’re looking to elevate your entertainment setup and declutter your workspace, look no further than these top cable management accessories. From sleek cable sleeves to handy organizers, these tools will keep your cords in check and your working and living areas looking sharp. Don’t settle for a tangled mess. Invest in cable organizing solutions and enjoy the peace that comes with a clutter-free environment. So go ahead, get your cables under control and enjoy a clean and stylish setup. Remember that a tidy space equals a tidy mind! For more savvy tips and tools, check out the blog of CLLAX today!

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