Recruiting Web Developers: The How To’s

With demand overruling supply, it’s becoming increasing difficult when recruiting web developers who have the right skillset for your team. This is leaving companies with resorting to an array of tactics to woo developers into joining their team – not surprisingly, the bounty of potential perks has some job seekers applying for roles beyond their capabilities, leaving hiring managers with more legwork to identify the rightfully qualified candidates. Furthermore, with so many tempting employment opportunities available, retaining talented web developers can even be a challenge, especially for small start up businesses competing against world-class corporations.

To help you out, here are a few tips from a top executive recruitment agency on the recruitment and selection process, plus ways on how to retain your web developers long term for your company.

Go where they go when recruiting web developers

Utilise networking sites such as LinkedIn to advertise jobs and connect with potential candidates. However go beyond this and look at staffing firms with exceptional staffing services specifically those that specialise in placing IT-related professionals from the database. In addition to working with candidates looking for full-time positions, they are also connected with web developers not actively looking for a new job, but would consider making a move should the right opportunity be presented. These candidates are an invaluable asset to discover as it eliminates the chances of them being hijacked by another prospective company, increasing the chances of recruiting web developers for a long term position with you.

Hire for DNA first, and then work experience

Don’t just take their skills and qualifications into consideration. Consider how that person works within a team and how well they would fit in with your company’s particular work culture. Recommendations from team members and trusted business contacts will assist you in finding the perfect potential employees.  In addition, be clear with your candidates about your company’s mission, ethos and values – they may very well be attracted to how your business operates and be enticed to work for you.

Even better, recruiting web developers with aptitude and with the ability to pick up skills quickly is recommendable – skills and knowledge can quickly become redundant in the tech world due its fast evolution so hiring someone with a particular skillset will be relevant for a couple of years. If you want someone in the long run, make sure they can prove they are highly adaptable.

Have a developer interview a developer

If you want to recruit web developers who know what they’re doing, put them in front of the experts. An experienced web developer with the existing know-how can decipher if a candidate’s previous experience is legitimate and whether they’re skillset matches what the company really needs. That said, avoid the cookie cutter interview slate and give them an interview that challenges their skills and allows them to really display their technical knowledge. Stick them in front of a computer, get them to write code – there’s no point hearing them talk the talk without seeing them walk the walk.

Offer attractive incentives

If you want to stand out above potential offers from other companies, you need to be able to office lucrative and unique benefits to attract your dream team. Generous health benefits, flexible work schedules and agreeing to reasonable deals pitched by them are good ways to start. Offer them what you believe they’re worth and avoid haggling to death or setting a definitive line – chances are they’ll be presented with a more generous offer from a competing company and they’ll remember how unnegotiable you were. If you want them to stay, you have to let them know that they are important and a valuable asset to your team, so be sure to go above and beyond to prove this.

Take interest in their interests and what they find important

Developers aren’t usually interested in the industry they’re working under; so don’t focus on the incentives of being able to work for the umbrella your company represents. Instead, focus on how different working for you would be against the competition from their actual position as a web developer. What are the interested jobs and problem solving situations they would be faced with? Will they have the opportunity for potential growth and climbing the corporate ladder? What is their workspace and equipment like? Moreso, find out what they prioritise in life besides their job. Do they have a family? Provide family friendly work hours and flexible holiday periods. Do they like to travel? Invest a travel bonus which allows them to travel frequently. Are they a public speaker? Allow them to represent the company at various conferences and meet ups. People will end up choosing the company that makes them genuinely feel excited to go to work, so make sure you fill that position.

Have the know-how on what a developer actually does

A big mistake start-up company directors make is not being completely aware of the job description of each and every one of his or her employees. This is an imperative aspect of owning a business, as you need to possess the knowledge to know what quality looks like, which a reputable IT recruitment company is well aware of. Developers can small a non-technical founder from kilometres away so it’s important that you can show them you have a basic understanding of what you’re meant to do. If you don’t, they see it as a sign of disrespect and the impression you simply seem them as tools rather than equals.

Level with them on money

Although developers may not be walking down the runway anytime soon with their simpleton fashion, don’t let that fool you. They’re professionals who demand respect and it’s important you give that to them. Be realistic about your company’s position and what you can offer when recruiting web developers – if your finances aren’t the most attractive element, then entice them with other incentives that may be just as important, if not more. An attractive and comfortable working environment, flexible work hours, a demonstrable path to success up the corporate ladder are just some elements that are likely to keep your potential candidate interested.

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