Must-Have Apps for SEO Experts

Are you good at SEO? Or are you just starting to delve into all these principles of website promotion in search engines? In both cases, you understand that SEO is a complex process that requires additional tools. We have compiled a list of programs that will help you quickly and efficiently solve everyday tasks for SEO-promotion and a list of search engine optimization software.

The collection contains:

  • Services and platforms for a website audit
  • Its promotion
  • SEO analysis of the text

Many of them provide free trials or offer free use with limited functionality.


There are many SEO tools out there that immediately identify an expert from a beginner. An expert who promotes a website knows that it is impossible to do this without two factors: optimal keywords and building a link profile. Ahrefs is a program that simultaneously performs the two functions described above. Therefore, this application is in the first position in our list of best SEO tools online.

Ahrefs was created as one of the most effective SEO tools. The program performs the following tasks:

  • Analyzes competitors and produces results for your niche. In the analysis, you will see information about how effectively the site is being promoted, how harmoniously the content is created, and traffic and position in the global business.
  • Analyzes keywords. The program can analyze the least found words in queries and the sentences that people are looking for the most. Plus, the programs are aimed at analyzing semantic groups.
  • Analyzes backlinks. As stated on the service, they analyze between 4 and 6 billion links per day. They update the information they find within 15 minutes. No other tool can handle and crawl as many links as Ahrefs does.
  • Analyzes content. It is enough for the user to enter the keyword, and the program will give the latest ideas for the keyword. Thus, you will always be in the know and will be able to create exciting content.


If you are well versed in SEO, then you should not forget about your safety. The world’s leading experts have long identified the benefits of a VPN for SEO strategies. VeePN is a program that allows you to remain anonymous on the global Internet. When you use an encrypted private network, no one will be able to steal important documents and trace you. The program is quite easy to use: download, register, connect to the server, and you can work and feel secure. Also, you can try VPN services for free and test the program.

SEOs can work for large companies that send their services to different parts of the world. For example, you work in the US but need to target France. But if you start entering search queries into Google, then, accordingly, you will be given the results related to the United States, but not France, which you needed. As a specialist, you should understand the products of the country you are targeting. It is also essential to know what kind of competition you may face. If you know that you need it, then use VPN for chrome.

SEO has many competitors and is a significant niche in today’s business. Accordingly, to keep abreast of all events and be ahead of the competitor by several steps, it is necessary to analyze them. To stay anonymous when visiting competitors’ sites, you can use a VPN for Chrome that hides your exact location. During the analysis, you will find out what strategies the competitor is using and will be able to leave the page quietly.

The problems we have described are far from the end. Google reacts very harshly to users who visit too many pages or enter many searches. In this case, Google tries to track you, as it considers your actions to be suspicious. Google can find out for what purpose you visit the sites and reveal your real IP address. Accordingly, your only defense is the VPN plugin for chrome. You can conduct all page research anonymously and increase your chances of growth in the market.


If you are not already familiar with must-have SEO analysis software, now is the time to correct the situation. SEMrush is a tool used by experts around the world to track the experience of competitors. Based on the information received, experts can determine the reason for the deterioration of the site’s position on the Internet or find out what competitors are doing for frequent hits in the Google search engine.

The service is useful for specialists in optimizing Internet resources to build SEO activity plans by processing data on competing companies’ search queries and strategies. Developers effectively use SEMrush to detect possible errors in HTML tags, duplicate content, broken links, lack of meta descriptions.

SEMrush is a powerful competitive intelligence tool. Such business giants as, eBay, Forbes, BNP PARIBAS, and others work with the service. Platform tools and keyword bases are constantly expanding. A significant disadvantage is the service orientation to Western countries, which significantly reduces its functionality for specialists working with resources on the Runet. Simultaneously, the program’s wide functionality is aimed at helping marketers, website developers, SEO, and SMM specialists.


KWFinder is a service for finding key phrases, including long-tail phrases. It analyzes the search results, the dynamics of demand over time, the cost of a click on the keywords found, collect competitors in the TOP, and gives the difficulty of promotion from 0 to 100 points. You will be able to view specific competing pages optimized for the queries you plan to promote. KWFinder provides over 45 SEO metrics for analysis. KWFinder is a paid service, but you can create an account for 24 hours and analyze 50 keywords for free. However, we recommend using the VPN addon chrome to stay anonymous. In addition to collecting keys, you can see the landing pages of competitors for promoted requests, as well as see the analysis of the search results: how many backlinks go to the pages of rivals, what is the authority of the domain and URL, how many reposts were made on Facebook, and much more.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a comprehensive suite of search engine optimization tools at prices lower than you’d expect for an enterprise solution. The overkill of Moz Pro features can be overwhelming to some, as they are essentially several different tools bundled into a single platform. Moz Pro is a nearly limitless SEO solution, including search and keyword management, continuous search position monitoring, crawling, and detailed reporting.

Answer The Public

Answer the Public extracts large numbers of Google autocomplete queries and divides them into different lists. This is very useful for analyzing the questions people ask on Google.

SEO Hero

SEO Hero uncovers semantically related keywords and collaborative events for any topic. It works by loading the top 100 Google search results for your target keyword and then uses the Google API to parse the text. Based on this, it extracts n-grams, which effectively leads to a list of the most important frequently occurring words and phrases. This is useful for understanding which topics and subtopics are essential to your content.

Responsive Design Checker

Responsive Design Checker lives up to its name: it checks the responsiveness of a website. Just enter any URL to see how it looks on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. You can even see how it looks on certain devices and at various popular monitor resolutions. With Google’s recent move to primarily mobile indexing, having a responsive website is more important than ever. finds all email addresses associated with a website in seconds – free up to 100 queries per month. Each email address has a trust score. Some even have a “verified” badge, which means you can use your email address confidently. You can also use this tool to find a specific person’s email address. Just enter the domain and name of the person.


Majestic is considered one of the first services for SEO professionals. The tool allows, in addition to checking the link mass, to check the quality of donors. The service has a large base of sites, which is constantly updated. Indexes links faster than other services.

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