List of Top 10 EMR/EHR Software Solutions for Electronic Medical Records

Whenever we go to the doctor or the hospital, a record must be kept of the visit and the diagnosis. Assuming that most people go to the doctor no less than 5 times in their life, that would be approximately 30 billion pieces of paper that have been used. That is also assuming that traditional paper medical records are only one page long and are not copied or faxed which is usually not the case. Given these conditions and our current technological achievements, it is easy to see that a viable solution is at our fingertips. Why not store patient data electronically? EMR/EHR stands for electronic medical record. EMR/EHR software is a program or series of programs that facilitates digital record keeping for medical practices and institutions.

It isn’t hard to see the many benefits a practice would receive by utilizing an EMR/EHR system to keep their records. As mentioned above, it would drastically cut the need for paper and disposal of the paper. As the earth gets more populated, new methods of reducing our impact on the environment and the limited resources we all share must begin to take hold somewhere. If hospitals and medical facilities eliminated their need for paper products, millions of trees would be saved within the first few years of the switch. This would also reduce pollution and preserve forests which also filter the air we breathe.

Other benefits of a transition to EMR/EHR software would be include a standardization of text. As most people are aware, many doctors have terrible handwriting. It is nearly impossible to read a one word prescription in a doctor’s handwriting. With EMR/EHR software, data is inputted via a keyboard rather than in the doctor’s own handwriting. This reduces errors not only in writing the records but also in reading the records. The ambiguity of a several different practicing physicians’ handwriting is completely removed from the equation. Also, because the records are stored digitally, they can be searched and updated effortlessly.

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, congress has issued financial incentives for practices to make the switch to EMR/EHR. Under the new policy, practices can earn up to $44,000/per physician in incentives. Eventually, penalties will be imposed on those who do not make the change to EMR/EHR. Now is the best time to make the switch to EMR/EHR.

Of course, as is the case with any new technologies, EMR/EHR software does have its drawbacks. Privacy is a concern for some privacy-advocate groups. It is easier to look into a computer system to find information about someone than it is to break into an office and steal a hard copy of their information. It is also easier for more employees to have access to patients’ records than it would have been with paper records. It is ultimately up to the practice to determine whether or not EMR/EHR would be a viable option to streamline the administrative process and increase its revenues.

What are the benefits of having an EMR/EHR system:

  • Besides incentives for implementing an EMR/EHR system and penalties for not doing so, some other benefits are:
  • Charts are more legible
  • Charts are accessible even from home
  • Enhanced documentation with access to digital imaging and special testing
  • Better integration between clinic and business department
  • Improved efficiency and better communication within the practice and between different practices
  • Improved coding and compliance
  • Enhanced patient safety regarding drug allergies or interactions and proper dosing
  • Improved tracking of lab information
  • Tracking of trends such as blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Transcription cost savings
  • Medical records staff savings
  • Savings on pulling charts
  • Savings on physical office space
  • Paper and toner costs savings
  • Medical chart transportation savings for multi-location practices
  • Good for marketing since practice is perceived as more efficient
  • Better disaster recover. With a good recovery plan and back up there is less risk than using a paper-based system that could be wiped out in a disaster


MicroMD is a trusted, reliable electronic medical record and practice management software solution that offers a highly configurable suite of applications.

  • Cloud and on premise Practice Management
  • Cloud and on premise Electronic Medical Records
  • Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records for Primary Care
  • Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records for Urgent Care
  • Training, Implementation and Support


Quatris Healthco is the largest value-added reseller of Centricity EMR and practice management solutions.

  • Centricity EMR
  • Centricity Practice Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Value-based Care Solutions
  • Patient Engagement
  • Prescription Management
  • Interoperability
  • Document Management


You have unique demands. When Canada’s Healthcare Providers need a performance EMR, they call upon Accuro EMR. Welcome to the EMR built to support your workflows and save you time.

  • Medical patient charting simplified
  • Trusted and Proven
  • Increase Scheduling Efficiencies
  • Efficient Medical Labs and Image Handling
  • Build. Create. Customize.
  • Powerful Letter Generation
  • Streamline your workflows
  • Visual Room Management
  • Manage Patient Waitlists, Referrals and Requisitions
  • Anywhere… Anytime
  • Insights into your Practice
  • Team Based Sharing of Patient Charts


Practice Perfect – Leading EMR and Management Software For Efficient, Profitable Practices.

  • Client Profile
  • Billing, Payments & Accounts Receivable
  • Scheduling
  • Documentation & EMR
  • Practice Growth
  • Task Management
  • Operational Analysis


Celerity LLC, the IT Company that built CAM, an EMR Software Solution focused on saving lives with substance abuse, mental and behavioral health professionals.

  • Integrated Scheduler
  • Lab Interface
  • e-Perscribing
  • State and Federal Agency Certified


PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software and mobile apps, telemedicine, medical billing & Revenue Cycle Management for ambulatory specialties.

  • EHR Software
  • Technical Support
  • e-Prescription
  • PrognoSign
  • Meaningful Use Support
  • Medication Management for Adherence
  • Patient Portal
  • Online Payments
  • Practice Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Credentialing


patientNOW offers the best emr, practice management and patient engagement software for aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices. Learn more today!

  • EMR & Paperless Office
  • Patient Portal
  • e-Prescribe
  • Lab Interface


DataNet Solutions, Inc. is a certified Electronic Medical Record Vendor and Companies offer EMR software, web based EMR software, Electronic Health Records (EHR) software &medical practice management software.

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Physician Daysheet
  • SOAP / Exam Notes
  • Inventory Control
  • Auto calculation of poverty level
  • Multi-site capable (a single database can handle unlimited clinics across an area such as a state)
  • ICD9 Codes
  • Patient Imaging
  • CPT Codes
  • Drug database with interactions, duplicate therapy warnings and patient education handouts
  • Report Writer that allows you to report on any data that is captured
  • MedServices Rx (full prescription and dispensing software. Integrates with Patient Assistance Program)
  • MedServices Schedule
  • MedServices WinPAP ( Patient / Medication Assistance Program module)
  • Staff/Volunteer & Time tracking
  • Donors and Donation tracking
  • Chronic Disease Manager
  • Document Library
  • Customizable
  • and much more…


Atlass-platform, browser-based EMR/Practice Management software was developed by, and for, primary care physicians operating insurance-free clinics.

  • Cross platform compatible
  • Charting
  • Scheduling
  • Keeping inventory
  • Billing
  • Transition with ease
  • iOS Patient Access
  • Hundreds of lab integrations


Establish and grow a healthy practice with Kareo’s Clinical, Billing, Managed Billing and Marketing modules.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Simple Charting
  • Easy e-Prescribing
  • Convenient eLabs
  • Electronic Superbills
  • Integrated Patient Portal
  • Secure Messaging
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Maximize productivity
  • Flexible Calendar
  • Agenda Overview
  • Integrated Prescription Discounts

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