iOS or Android – Which is A Better Option For Businesses

So you’ve finally chosen to create an app for your company? Congratulations. Now, one of your first choices will be the mobile platform for your app. That means you’ll soon have to decide whether to design your software for the Android or the iOS operating system or both. It will not be a straightforward decision as it may appear. Here’s everything you need to know before choosing to hire app developers for developing your application.

Features – iOS & Android

The features that are added to an app will determine its basic functionality. So, what exactly do you want to accomplish with your application? What function will it serve? The answers to these two questions will be determined by the code generated by developers.

For iOS

Unlike Android, Apple’s operating system is fairly limited. It always maintains its ecosystem. In other words, Apple controls app entry. Every app and piece of content is still limited to a specific set of iOS devices supported by the ecosystem.

As a result, an app developer must rely only on Apple’s features and there are various things to experiment with. Because of the restricted environment, one advantage of developing an app on Apple is that you will have more stability and control. Your choice, on the other hand, will place several constraints on the developer.

From the standpoint of a user, using a device that operates on a limited ecosystem means it will be costly. As a result, Apple’s devices are more expensive than Android devices.

For Android

Android is not the same as iOS. Understandably, Android developers create apps for Android-powered devices with relative ease. Because Android is open-source, an Android app development business can incorporate as many features and capabilities as they desire. However, open-source platforms lag in terms of security.

That is why mobile network operators occasionally block upgrades. Nonetheless, Android’s open-source model makes it easier for developers to create novel digital products. You can easily obtain the Android source code for free and port it to the hardware of your application.

Android App Development’s Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Android Allows For More Customisation.
  • Any new Android publication can be done quickly and without going through a review process.
  • Android offers a free and open platform.
  • The Android App Market is simple to use.
  • The pricing is reasonable.
  • In future versions, RAW image saving will be supported.
  • Beta testing and a phased rollout are included.


  • Java typically requires more code than Objective-C.
  • Complex layouts and animations are more challenging to code in Android.
  • Virus-infected applications can also be found in the Android Market.
  • There will always be advertisements displayed, either at the top or bottom of the application.
  • Low security and phoney apps can be installed to steal your information from unexpected sources.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS App Development


  • Excellent user interface and responsiveness.
  • Metal and a gleaming coating are ideal for Apple devices.
  • For media entertainment, this is ideal.
  • It is appropriate for both business and gaming.


  • It has a review process in place; when developers want to release an app, they must submit it to Apple for review, which can take up to seven days in some cases.
  • Applications are massive as compared to other mobile platforms.
  • Apps for iOS are pricey and widget support is not available.
  • The battery life on 3G is really low.
  • Not adaptable; only iOS devices are supported.

Earning Money Through Apps – iOS or Android

Why would a company owner consider investing in mobile app development services? Or hire app developers for the development? They would since they are aware that an app has the potential to generate revenue. Of course, if increasing your profit margin isn’t your motivation for developing an app, you should reconsider.

What can you do to make an app profitable? Here are a few company models to consider.

  • Purchases made in-app.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Customers must pay to download.
  • Advertisements within apps.

The strategy you choose will determine whether you design the app for Android or Apple.

If you’re going to charge a price for downloading, you should start with Apple. If you intend to monetise your app through in-app adverts and in-app purchases, Android should be your platform of choice. However, don’t expect to make a lot of money through in-app purchases.

Release Cycles – iOS or Android

When attempting to select a platform that fits for the client’s business, most developers overlook or completely disregard the release cycle. You must ensure that your development team does not overlook it. You must consider the precise software version on which your consumers rely within the platform they utilise. Your firm providing mobile app development services must write the app in a compatible code so that it is compatible with all versions of the operating system.

The majority of iOS device owners run the most recent version of the operating system on their devices. This Apple approach simplifies the task of developers by allowing you to select what your app will be capable of accomplishing. Android users do not always utilise the most recent version of the operating system. As you may expect, the work of development will become more challenging as you must create programs for a wide range of operating systems.

Why Select Apple over Android

Usually, app development companies get a lot of complaints from Android users about their smartphones being unresponsive, but this rarely happens in case of Apple or iPhone. Apple implicitly guarantees that its products will not fail the user. Even with modest specs, iOS operates better, which is ideal if you want to increase your productivity.

Why Select Android over Apple

To create for iOS, you’ll need to be familiar with the platform’s core programming languages, Swift and Objective C. While popular languages like Java and more recently, Kotlin are important for Android development.

Apple has put in place stringent requirements for applications to be accepted into the Apple App Store; the verification process could take 3-4 weeks. This is a long period in comparison to the Google Play Store’s certification process, which might take 2-3 days.

Android Development Costs compared with iOS Development Costs

The cost of app development is determined by a variety of criteria, including target audience, functionality, UX and so on. Typically, developing an iOS application is easier and faster because it is designed to work on a certain set of devices. Furthermore, Swift development is believed to be considerably easier to understand than Java development. Because an Android app is designed to work on a wide range of devices, developing and fixing issues takes more time and money.

Which Development Platform Should You Use: Android or iOS?

Taking into account all of the aforementioned indicators will assist you in making the best option. You must first assess your needs, future app concept and development costs before making a decision. In summary, you should use iOS for your app if:

  • You want to collect a significant sum of money;
  • You want the development process to be quick and straightforward;
  • You place a premium on user security and privacy.

If you want to build for Android, you should do so if:

  • You’d like to reach out to a larger audience;
  • You want to spend less time on the app store;
  • One of your primary priorities is app customisation.


The development of mobile applications for both operating systems is the greatest solution. Starting two apps at the same time is difficult, so consider cross-platform development in this case. However, in general, it is preferable to select the most appropriate platform for you and run applications on it. After you’ve corrected all defects and errors, you can release a similar product for another operating system.

Almost all successful apps should be available on both platforms. This could potentially double the company’s revenue! If you are unsure about producing it on your own, you can avail of mobile app development services.

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