How To Protect Your Intellectual Property (IPR): Top 8 IP Protection and Management Software

Data, information, ideas, inventions, patents, designs and creations are just some of the ways of describing intellectual property, but IP also exists in the more mundane but important business activities, such as sending out quotes, invoicing, and contractual agreements. For all organisations protecting Intellectual Property is critical. Companies spend thousands on tools to ensure that their data cannot be hacked and on end point security so as locking down USB ports and perimeter safeguards.

There are some fundamental questions that need to be answered about looking at the root causes of how to really protect IPR.

  • How to balance business agility with securing sensitive data?
  • But what is the value of the data you are protecting?
  • How can do you enforce policy if you don’t know how important the data is?
  • How many times has the data been copied and replicated?
  • How do they know once the data has left the safety of their own site?

Software Solutions for protecting intellectual property


Myerson award-winning solicitors provide bespoke commercial and private services to businesses and individuals nationwide and beyond.

  • Computer programs
  • Copyright
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Database rights
  • Software: Design Rights, Patents and Trade Marks
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Employees: who owns the intellectual property rights? and
  • Employees and the protection of intellectual property


Digital Guardian DLP stops the loss or theft of trade secrets and other IP in both structured and unstructured forms.

  • Protects all Types of Intellectual Property
  • Enables Secure Global Collaboration
  • Supports Role-Based Data Access for more Flexibility


IPfolio’s Portfolio Manager is designed for IP teams who want to manage their IP portfolio with all related documents and activities in one place.

  • Take Control of all Your IP Assets
  • Organize All Documents in One Place
  • Quickly Find what You Are Looking for
  • Maintain an Automated Shadow Docket
  • Keep Track of Costs and Budgets
  • Map Your IP to Your Business
  • Collaborate across Your Organization


Automated trademark docketing software that instantly updates and creates new trademark filings and helps you manage IP filings, including patents, copyrights, and disputes.

  • Automated IP Docketing
  • Easily Create Customizable IP Docket Reports
  • Draft and File TEAS Applications Quickly and Accurately
  • Know about confusingly similar USPTO marks
  • We Care about Making Your Life Easier


Cloud-based Intellectual Property Management Software that enhances productivity through collaborative automation tools.

  • Real Time Data Reports
  • Highly Customizable
  • World Class Support
  • Easy Data Import/Export
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Easy To Use Interface


Patent ClaimMaster is a software tool that proofreads patent claims, patent specifications and drawings.

  • Automated Patent Proofreading
  • Patent Drafting and Document/Form Generation
  • Patent Analysis and Downloading Automation
  • Secure, Customizable, and User-Friendly


Minuet is a new intellectual property management software solution from Inteum Company to help you manage your IP portfolio. Based on current web frameworks, Minuet runs seamlessly in any modern web browser or mobile device.

  • Inventor Portal
  • Activity Management
  • iEdison
  • Analytics
  • Sentinel Notifications
  • Technology Publisher
  • Patent Intelligence Suite


PATTSY WAVE is sophisticated patent and trademark docketing software, combining cutting edge technology and responsive support with a host of powerful intellectual property management features.

  • PTO Connectivity
  • AutoDocket & Download
  • Interactive Docket
  • Search & Report
  • IDS Management
  • Emails, Letters, & Forms

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