How to rephrase? ( ) is a famous tool among writers. So, what makes it so celebrated?

Writers and students are always looking for free and viable solutions. So, they’d dive right into it when they find a tool that offers great options. Today, we’re reviewing one such tool named So, let’s find out what this tool is about and what it can do.

Introduction to is one of the leading online paraphrasing tools today. Appearing as a prominent result in searches for paraphrasers, this tool has become a common and household name among writers. Offering a variety of options, this tool is primarily used for its rephrasing abilities.

However, over a couple of years of its existence, the tool has branched out into various other options as well. This includes a variety of writing solutions, such as the Grammar Corrector, Plagiarism Checker, and Text Summarizer.

But besides that, it also offers an informative blog with tips and tricks for writers. While the tool is mostly free, it also offers a variety of paid plans. This indicates that it’s targeted not only toward free users or students but also enterprises, businesses, and academics.

But, it should be noted that the website itself is named, so the tool is definitely primarily directed at those looking to paraphrase their content. But a variety of other tools and additional options definitely make it a handy addition to any writer’s arsenal.

Defining 4 Key Tools of is a paraphrasing tool; there’s no doubt about it. However, it ensures that you have a variety of other tools to accompany the paraphraser. This section will briefly introduce each tool and analyze its key aspects. So, let’s dive in.

Paraphrasing Tool

First up is the paraphrasing tool, which is the primary page of this website. It allows you to rephrase your content in three modes. Many writers use it to improve the content or remove plagiarism.

A few features in this rephrase include:

  • Up to 20 supported languages;
  • Three content modes;
  • Ability to rewrite 500-words at a time (Free version).

These factors make it a very attractive free option for writers today.

Plagiarism Checker

Next up is the plagiarism checker, which is another easy-looking and remarkable tool by this website. It also offers a variety of options. But, the intriguing thing about this tool is the simplistic UI design.

Besides that, it allows you to check up to a thousand words at a time in three different languages. And you can either copy and paste your content into it or simply upload the doc file.

Grammar Checker

The grammar checker by is a very intriguing option for a variety of reasons. For one, it seemingly doesn’t have any word limit, as we tried up to 2000-words at a time, and it didn’t reach the limit.

But besides that, it can help you correct your grammar in five languages and also features the copy & paste or upload method.

Text Summarizer

Lastly, the text summarizer by is yet another remarkable option for writers. The purpose of this tool is to condense your content into a short summary.

Upon entering around a thousand words, we got a 100-word summary, so it rewrites your text into a 10% summary. The tool supports up to seven languages and is very easy to use. Pricing Plans comes in a variety of paid plans, as mentioned before. While these plans are mostly for those who want a premium-level option, they do elevate the options and quality that this tool offers. In order to understand them, let’s explore each plan thoroughly:


The weekly plan on will cost you $7 every seven days. It will increase the default word count value from 500 to 1500-words at a time and enable the creative mode. Besides that, you will be ridding yourself of captcha checks and advertisements and will gain 24/7 technical support from the staff.


The monthly option will cost you $20 a month and will also increase the word limit to 1500 words. The rest will remain the same, and instead of $7 a week, you will be paying $20 a month which is a lot more lucrative.


Speaking of lucrative, the yearly/annual plan by is $150 every 12 months. This will also improve the word count to 1500, enable all of the content modes and provide 24/7 support.

So, compare it to $7 a week and $20 a month; it’s way more profitable. However, this is clearly targeted toward academics and enterprises.

Checking’s Main Tools

Now that the key introductions and aspects are out of the way, it’s imperative that we try the two main tools offered by this website. In this section, we’ll explore the abilities of the paraphrasing tool and the plagiarism checker. So, let’s get started.

1. Paraphrasing Tool

It’s important to remember that only two of these content modes are for free, as the creative mode is part of the paid plan. So, how do they perform? Let’s test each one out.


The fluency mode of this tool is supposed to make your content a lot more fluent. So, we tried a lackluster piece of text, and here’s what we got:

The orange text indicates the words changed by the paraphraser, and we can see a clear difference. So, if we were to rate it, we’d say it made the content a lot more fluent and around 8/10 compared to the earlier 5/10.


The next content mode is standard, and it’s meant to rephrase your content without altering the tone. Here’s how it performs:

As seen here, the content change is a lot less compared to the fluent mode. However, it did change it enough and paraphrased thoroughly to avoid plagiarism or duplicity. Once again, it earns an 8/10 rating from us.

2. Plagiarism Checker

The next tool is the plagiarism checker, and once you upload your content, it’ll look like this:

So, once you check for plagiarism, here’s what you see:

As we can see here, the plagiarism checker is very effective because it helps us identify the source and compare the content to the original source. Besides that, it also shows the percentage of plagiarized and unique content, which is a very handy feature. So, it earns a 9/10 from us.

Conclusion: Is Capable of Great Things

If you’re looking for an all-around writing solution for free, then is surely a viable option. Trying the two main tools proved that this tool has high potential, but there’s always room for improvement. The meager 500-word limit may not be enough for some writers, but it should be enough for most.

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