How to Convert DVD to MP4/ISO with WinX DVD Ripper

If you are a few years old, the title of this article has probably caught your attention, because you will probably not only be interested in being able to digitalize the DVDs that you have at home for family video, but also, it is likely that over the years you have formed a complete collection of DVDs.

Video streaming services, like digital stores, allow us access to a large number of series and movies, but if we talk about titles that are a few years old, things get complicated, since it is unlikely to find it so much on Netflix , HBO, Amazon Prime Video or through the iTunes Store, Play Movies …

But, not only can it be difficult to find old films, but also, if we buy them, we will always have the feeling that not being in physical format, it does not really belong to us, but that we have paid for the possibility of seeing it whenever we want, something that is true, but people’s sense of ownership often plays tricks on us.

If we are looking for an application that allows us to convert any DVD to digital format, be it MP4, MOV, AVI or any other format, we have a large number of applications at our disposal. But if what we want is speed, versatility and compatibility with a large number of formats, the best application currently available on the market is WinX DVD Ripper.

WinX DVD Ripper is designed for people who have little or no computer knowledge of video formats. Thanks to the careful user interface, all we have to do is insert the DVD into our computer, select the device to play on and press RUN to start the conversion.

That’s it, you do not have to select codecs, audio tracks, formats that we do not know what they mean … Also, thanks to hardware acceleration, the process is very fast and it will only take a few minutes to convert, for example, a DVD of an hour and a half long.

What can we do with WinX DVD Ripper

DVD Backup

WinX DVD Ripper not only allows us to convert DVDs to digital format, but also allows us to make identical copies, be it old family videos, new market releases, TV series and even DVDs that have stopped working correctly in our reader. You can copy DVD to hard drive or USB for easy playback.

Convert DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG …

The number of formats to which we can convert our favorite DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper is limited to that currently available on the market. If there is a codec to which we can convert a DVD, this application offers them to us.

Converting our collection of DVDs to digital format, allows us to take advantage of the space of our collection for other purposes, in addition to allowing us to always have it at hand, either by storing it on an external hard drive, on a NAS, or in a storage service in the cloud … in addition to allowing us to quickly share it with a pendrive.

Play your DVDs on any device

Thanks to this application, we can rip our DVDs to be able to play them in digital format both on our iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, Android smartphone or tablet … without the need for a DVD or a Wi-Fi connection

Edit your DVDs

Another option that we can find in WinX DVD Ripper allows us to adjust various parameters of the video so that the quality of the conversion offers us a better result than the original, the possibility of adding subtitles, in addition to cutting parts of the video, joining different fragments …

Copy DVD without loss of quality

If we want to make a copy of DVD, we do not want to lose quality during the process. Many applications perform a quick conversion without taking into account either the quality of the audio or the video. WinX DVD Ripper allows us to make a copy of our DVDs to an MPEG2 file, including the audio in Dolby AC3 / DTS 5.1 format, a format that we can play without problems in VLC.

But if what we want is to save an ISO image of the DVD, WinX DVD Ripper also allows us to make it, an image that includes all the data and original structure found on the DVD. Another option available through this application is to convert the video to MKV format, a format without loss of quality and to which we can also include all the audio and video tracks on the DVD.

Reduce the size of DVDs

If we do not want our NAS, cloud storage service or external hard drive to fill up quickly and the quality of the video is not paramount (because we are going to play it on a small screen), with WinX DVD Ripper we can convert both a ISO image that we have previously created as a DVD (whose average size is around 6-8 GB) in MP4 H.264 format, resulting in a file with a size between 700 and 1 GB at medium quality.

Convert DVD to digital format in minutes

If the collection of DVDs we have is quite large, it is likely that we have never been encouraged to convert it to digital format due to the high time required for each conversion. That’s because you haven’t tried WinX DVD Ripper, an application that reduces the process for an hour and a half movie to approximately 5 minutes.

This is possible because this application not only makes use of the computer hardware, but also relies on the graphics of our device. In this way, the entire team gets to work to convert to the format we have selected in the best possible time, allowing us to considerably reduce the process

How to convert DVD to MP4 /ISO with WinX DVD Ripper

The process to convert a DVD to MP4 or ISO format is simple. Below we show you the process to convert a DVD to MP4 that we can play on an iPhone or iPad.

  • Once we have inserted the DVD in our computer, we click on Disk so that the application automatically loads all the content.
  • Next, a window will be displayed with the different formats to which we can convert the content. As in our case it is MP4, so choose General Profiles> MP4 video.
  • Finally, click on RUN to start the process.

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