How Artificial Intelligence and Technology are Revolutionizing Firefighting?

Having the right tools to extinguish the fire is not the only task that the firefighters deal with. Communication, proper training, and the latest education on the equipment and firefighting strategies are one of the most important aspects that a firefighter must take into consideration.

No matter how good or versatile aحريقطفاية(fire extinguisher) they have at hand when it comes to fire safety and fire extinguishing there is a lot more to consider than just the physical equipment.

Firefighting has taken new heights with the introduction of the latest and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence which is revolutionizing the firefighting culture every day.

There is a great change in how firefighters conduct firefighting operations and how they respond to different fire emergencies.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the idea of fire fighting and fire protection. Its application in the firefighting department is not only to bring advancement to the field but to provide ease to the first line fire respondents.

In this article, I will talk about how Artificial Intelligence and the latest technology are changing the fate of firefighting.


AUDREY stands for Assistant for Understanding Data through Reasoning, Extraction, and Synthesis. This technology is developed by NASA and it helps the firefighters in their emergency operations by providing them an awareness of their situation and surroundings.

It firstly collects important information from the fire emergency site which includes temperature, fire spread, presence of different gases, and the growth rate of fire.

After collecting all this essential information it guides the firefighters through the safest possible routes to the fire emergency area.

AUDREY keeps the firefighter updated about his surrounding and allows him or her to communicate with his team so that the team collectively put the fire out of existence.

360 Video

Almost all of us are well aware of the 360 videos that we watch on social media platforms. We know how 360 videos can provide us a live view of natural disasters, floods, and almost everything that we are surrounded with.

Its use in firefighting has proven to be life-saving for the firefighters as it provides essential information and views of fires, building collapses, and floods.

The cameras used in 360 videos are capable of covering the live views from the land, water, and air, which makes up most of our surroundings.

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Mixed, virtual and augmented reality is not limited just to video gaming. When applied to the fire fighting field it brought out some of the wondrous effects to the firefighting department.

It has now become an important part of the firefighting department along with other advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

This technology is not only used to train the firefighters in real-time fire emergencies but can also be used to train the children and families on how to tackle a fire emergency.

The response to a fire emergency of a firefighter and a common person won’t be the same. The general public is not aware of how to respond if a fire breaks out in their home or office.

However, with virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, people can experience a real-time fire emergency and can learn how to respond to it.

Maternal Voice Smoke Alarms

Our traditional fire smoke alarms notify the occupants to leave the building as soon as possible however children often don’t respond to just any voice.

So, customized smoke alarms that have parental voices instead of the traditional voice are used to notify the children to leave their rooms or homes.

Children show great response when it is their mothers’ or fathers’ voice. This technology helps the firefighters to save the children and is best for home settings.

Industry-Leading Training

There are different classes of fires, and they need to be dealt with in different ways to put out the fire and contain the fire emergency.

Firefighters are trained and educated to develop their skills according to the individual classes of fires so that can tackle every fire emergency when they step into their field.

Industry-leading training is basically a way of educating the fire responders and firefighters through scenario-based situations by using virtual and augmented reality to create real-time situations.

The learning and training of the firefighters are as important as introducing new technologies in the firefighting department.

No doubt the future of firefighting is way clearer and better with the introduction of the latest technologies and Artificial Intelligence; still, we need to go a long way to reach the highest levels of success in fire protection and emergency operations conduction.

The safety of fire responders and firefighters is also crucial, and Artificial Intelligence is bringing new ways in this area.

Better communication between the team members and a clearer picture of the fire emergency site is helping the firefighters in great ways.

We can see improvement in fire operations, and firefighting has thus revolutionized greatly through AI and technology!

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