Google Review Widget: The Complete Guide

The power of online reviews are known to all, therefore displaying Google reviews to your website can make your business grow extensively. This can be done through embedding Google review widgets into your website.

If you are running an online business, Google reviews play a vital role in increasing awareness of your brand. Google being the massive platform for all the internet related activities allows you to build online reputation in this digital world.

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Hence, embedding Google review widget on your website reflects the loyalty of your brand towards its customers.

Know More about Google Reviews

When you search for any place on Google, it tries to show the result that would be most appropriate for you, keeping in view all the aspects.

Here Google reviews have a great part to play, as Google will show you the result according to the combination of highest star rating and proximity of the location. All the search results appear in the chronological order of their star ratings given in Google reviews.

Google reviews are marvelous in giving valuable information to the users, as they are given by the actual customers, and are dependable.

Functioning of Google Reviews

Leveraging the opportunity to use Google reviews by your customers, into your business can be a very creative marketing strategy. Good amount of Google reviews allow you to improve your search ranking. They have a great impact on SEO ranking of your website and decide the placement of your website in the search results. If your business website has good reviews with high ratings, search engines will display it on the top of the search results, consequently increasing the visibility of your brand.

The key to make your business progress in the online mode is by paying good heed to the Google reviews by acquiring, managing and responding to them efficiently.

Where do you see Google Reviews?

Google reviews given by your customers are initially shown on your Google My Business profile, later they are picked from there and displayed in Google search rankings as well as in Google map rankings.

When a local search is made on Google using some navigational keywords, location proximity is of great importance and helps your brand appear on the search results according to its location and star ratings.

When someone searches your name on Google, it has the feasibility to show your location on the map section or directly on the Google map app.

Wonderful Benefits of Google Reviews

Google is the most trustworthy internet platform, therefore Google reviews are considered to be very reliable for your visitors.

Google reviews prove to be very advantageous for the small business to come under the attention of a huge mass present on the social media platforms. This helps in small businesses to grow and create their concrete name in the field of market by gaining a good amount of traffic. Giving good quantity as well as quality of Google reviews on such business gives them the way to create a good customer base and compete in the market with all other brands, without making much investment.

Google reviews serve equally to both customers and business owners. Customers and visitors are able to find authentic content and trustworthy reviews on Google which can help them in making right decisions. People now are smart enough to check Google reviews before making any purchase decisions so that they can’t be scammed. Whereas, marketers use these Google reviews to display on their website so as to gain faith of their visitors and transform them into their potential customers.

Some of the benefits of embedding Google reviews in your website are listed below!

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Drives good amount of traffic to your website
  • Feedbacks help you make improvements
  • Increases your brand trust
  • Boosts your sales

Awesome Tricks to Get More Google Reviews

Since, you are aware of the improvements in the SEO ranking on getting a good amount of Google rankings, so to make your business grow it is necessary for you to raise the number of your Google reviews.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is a good way to increase the Google reviews on your website. This allows your customers to give reviews and feedback about your brand and services, in a hassle freeway.

The good star ratings that you get in these Google reviews from your customers are beneficial for building a good image of your brand in the eyes of the visitors. These Google reviews are the proof of presence of the quality content of your website and good functionality of your business.

Most of your customers are unaware of how to leave Google review on your website, it is mindful of your to guide your customers to do so. This might save you from losing precious feedback from your customer. The reviews can be given on the browser or Google map app, through the Google account of the visitors.

Ask your visitors to leave their reviews if they liked your services. This can be a great opportunity for you to gain good and positive reviews for your website. This also shows your trust in their reviews and how much you value their feedback.

Showing gratitude for positive reviews is a great way to build good relations with them and increase your sales.

Also try sharing links for Google review on the most favoured channels to increase your visibility and get good reviews from a large number of users. You can also create a page for Google reviews to make this process easier for your customers.

Managing Your Google Reviews

For this task, you need to create Google My Business page for your brand. Giving a good amount of attention to your Google reviews is always beneficial in making good connections. Regular monitoring of Google reviews is really important and you should always be prepared to respond to the feedback of your customer.

Responding to both positive and negative reviews shows the transparency of your brand. Ignoring negative reviews is a poor idea and can smear the image of your brand in the eyes of your customers and visitors.

If you find any malicious review, immediate action is required and it should be reported, as reviews have the power to make or break the business.

Embedding Google Review Widgets to Your Website

Embedding Google reviews to your website is a very smart move to get more attention, and can be done very easily. To display Google reviews of your customers from various channels, you can make use of the third party elements, known as social media aggregation tools.

These social media aggregators collect and curate Google reviews from many different locations and showcase them on your website through Embedding Google review widgets.

Therefore, embedding Google reviews has become a very effortless job using social media aggregators, and taking your business to the next level.


Google reviews have a great impact on your website visitors, therefore embedding them on your website can be very crucial for your brand to grow. In such tough competition, Google reviews are the element that makes your brand stand out and show on top of the search results.

Embedding both good and bad reviews shows the originality in your business and also tells your visitors about the authenticity of the reviews from the real customers.

Google reviews are the best guide for the users to get dependable content and suggestions. They also support the marketers in creating good will of their brand and make it victorious.

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