Getting Online Without A PC

When enlisting phenomena that have had the most impact on the human race, it is hard to ignore the internet. Today, according to Internet World Stats, more than 5 billion people make use of the global network. If you divide that number with the total population of all the people living on this planet, you would find that two out of every three people in the world get online. Moreover, according to Strategy Analytics – a renowned market researcher headquartered out of Newton MA, the internet would be connected to as many as 35 billion devices by the year 2025. That is more than a hundred times the total population of the United States of America!

Let alone what the internet offers, when someone hears that so many other people are using the internet, it is only natural for them to want to use it as well. What frustrates us is how inaccessible certain people, especially of the older generation, think the internet is and how none of the youth steps forward to explain to them how they can connect to the internet from a wide variety of devices. All this is why we have come up with a list of devices, other than the conventional personal computers; you can use the internet on.

Smart TVs

These devices are more commonplace than you think they are. We say this knowing that many of the televisions coming out nowadays are, indeed, smart televisions. They are directly connected to your home or office building’s Wi-Fi. Some may have Ethernet ports on them as well. Once you can connect your smart television to the internet, you can choose to binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Alternatively, you could also watch your favorite artist’s latest music video on YouTube. Moreover, nowadays, if you do have reliable internet with good upload speeds like the ones offered to subscribers of Xfinity bundles, you can also video call your favorite friends using Google Duo using your television. A webcam would need to be attached to your television using a USB cable. We love seeing our loved ones on huge screens in our houses. Logitech is an example of a good webcam manufacturer whose product you can invest in. As time goes on, one can expect televisions to have high-quality webcams built inside their structure.

Home Automation Devices

Do you know what works well with a smart TV? A Google Home! After saying “Ok Google,” you can tell it whichever music video you want to see on your television and it will automatically play it for you. If you want to impress the youth of today, this type of automation will surely convince the young ones that you are keeping up with the times. Home automation devices such as Alexa also have the Spotify app built into them and can play you any song you like, read the latest news to you, and tell you the nearest store to buy something all through the use of the internet! These smart home devices can also be used to conduct video calls with friends and family over long distances. The latest devices have cameras that auto-zoom on human beings in a room to facilitate conversation. Imagine you in your rocking chair can tell a device to call your daughter overseas. Once your daughter picks up, not only will your device show you your daughter’s face but it will also zoom into the area of the lounge you are sitting in to show your face to your daughter. How nice does that sound?!

Gaming Consoles

A fan of gaming but none of the other members of your household are? Well, that should not be a problem in the internet age. This is because gaming consoles can seamlessly connect to the internet. This way, you can play with or against people over long distances. These people can be friends who also like gaming or even people who you have never met. Many gamers around the world claim to have found their better halves through online gaming platforms.


Smartphones are one of the most widely used devices when it comes to connecting to the internet. People use the internet on their smartphones for help in navigation while going to work. At work, they use different messaging mobile apps to communicate with their loved ones at home. With friends, they may use smartphones to post pictures on Instagram. At the gym, they may use smartphones to play their favorite workout music.

Wrapping Up

We hope all the above has helped you realize that you do not need a personal computer to use the internet. We hope that your 2022 is highly productive and enjoyable; may luck remain on your side this year!

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