Top 3 Best Accounting Payroll Software for Small Business

Businesses of any size or structure can greatly benefit from accounting payroll software. Having specialized assistance from an exceptional payroll program allows a business to properly and effectively pay their employees, as well as file mandatory federal and state taxes.

With accounting payroll software, the payroll process is productively streamlined so that costly inaccuracies can be eliminated. This allows a business to concentrate their efforts in other functions.

Products & Services

There are different levels of accounting payroll software available on the market to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer to handle every payroll task on your own or would like a program that will assist you in certain tasks, accounting payroll software can make your business operations effortless.

Having a clear understanding of each accounting payroll software feature is an important part of the selection process. At the very least, you should have real-time reporting, employee management capabilities, tax form processing, direct deposit and tax payment capabilities. You will need to ascertain the types of services and benefits that are being offered in order to have the perfect fit for your organizational structure.

Training & Learning

Accounting payroll software programs provide customers with complete training support so that they feel comfortable in handling all aspects of their company’s payroll requirements. Depending on the accounting payroll software, customers will receive online support, phone support, in-person support and guides. This makes it easy to gain important skills that are needed to successfully carry out essential payroll tasks.

The accounting payroll software that you choose may also provide insightful tips on important employee matters such as correctly classifying employees, the best way to fill out and file federal and state tax forms and how employee withholdings work. Accounting payroll software can provide you with a wealth of information.

Industry Solutions

One of the greatest benefits to a payroll program is that a lack of prior experience or knowledge in managing payroll is of no matter because it helps you maintain accurate figures. Whether your business is in construction, retail, hospitality, food service, medical, manufacturing, professional or any other industry, there is accounting payroll software that can assist you.

A payroll program eliminates the stress that is associated with complex payroll requirements for any organization size. Accounting payroll software is useful for businesses that consist of a sole proprietor all the way up to a large company.

Buying Tips for Accounting Payroll Software

Accurately managing your payroll tasks is important. Knowing what you need helps you find the best accounting payroll software.


Every business has to work with a budget for all of their endeavors. It is essential that you choose accounting payroll software that can fit within your budgeting constraints, yet still provides all of the tools that you need.

Useful Features

Paying for options or features that you will never use is not productive. You should carefully consider the payroll program’s benefits in order to get exactly what you need. Having additional bonuses is a great perk, but you must first have vital accounting payroll software components that work for your business.


Software that offers solid advice and support is beneficial. Assessing a payroll program’s ability to provide phone support, online chat support and email support is important. You should choose a support system that complements your current organizational structure.


Being able to rely on a guarantee lets you save money and time. If anything were to go wrong, you are able to have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands. Unexpected costs can be kept to a minimum when a guarantee is in place.

5 Things to Ask Before Purchasing Accounting Payroll Software

  • What forms will I need to setup my account? By having everything in order, you can make certain that you will have a smooth transition for your accounting department
  • Am I able to setup the payroll myself or will I need to pay for an initial setup fee? Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to setup your payroll information yourself and save on extra fees
  • Is there multi-state setups? If your business has operations in more than one state, then you need to have a payroll program that can accommodate you
  • Is the accounting payroll software able to file all tax forms on my behalf? Knowing if you have to take the time to file your own state and federal tax forms is important
  • Are there unlimited payroll runs?  Find out if there is an additional charge for extra payroll runs. These are additional expenses that you would have to take into consideration


Xero connects you to all things business. Its online accounting software connects you to accountants and bookkeepers, your bank, and a huge range of business apps.

  • Process invoices & quotes
  • Reconcile fast
  • Manage inventory
  • Go mobile
  • Choose from 700+ tools
  • Send purchase orders fast
  • Manage bills & expenses
  • Payroll with Gusto
  • Convert from QuickBooks


Fast, inexpensive, and accurate online accounting and payroll software for small businesses.

  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 100% Online
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Dependable & Accurate
  • Free Expert Support
  • Guaranteed Security
  • free 30-day trial


Cilliers Accountants offers services to a wide spectrum of clients, from individuals to small and medium-sized business entities and a select few large corporate and global entities.

  • Monthly Accounting & Management Reports
  • Great Communication
  • Fixed Monthly Fees
  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • Comply with Red Tape & Good Tax Advice

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