A Complete List Of Top 10 Best PPM Project Portfolio Management Software Programs

With project portfolio management software, you can handle the big picture when it comes to handling the projects in your organization. This way, you can maximize the efficiency of your organization so the daily business routine of running your organization can achieve its financial goals, along with the objectives of your business plan. And this also answers what is a PPM investment is in the business world.

Understand your Project Objectives Before Using Project Portfolio Management Software

The project portfolio management software is a collection of programs designed specifically to handle the large-scale operations of an organization. This will include all aspects of your business and include the projects that keep the cash flow moving. The key to implementing this type of operational software is in understanding just what you are attempting to achieve, and the process you have involved that need optimized. This involves the strategic planning related to your process to maximize efficiency in the most cost effective manner.

Identify if You Really Need Project Portfolio Management Software

If you are not sure if you need a project portfolio management software package to run your operation, the answer can be found with one question. Do you have more than one project underway at a time within your company? If the answer is yes, then you can benefit from the results this type of software package can provide your organization.

Know the Area of Discipline In Using Project Portfolio Management Software

The areas in which the project portfolio management software will be used in many of the same disciplines you need for running a project is numerous. It can be compared to running a project to help keep your project based organization running smoothly. The areas the software concentrates on include project integration management, project time management, project scope management, project cost management, project procurement management, project communications management, project quality management, and project human resources management. With each one of these processes streamlined and made efficient, the organization of the necessary resources, time, budget, and manpower can be properly allocated for their maximum effect.

Capabilities of Project Portfolio Management Software

Much of what the project portfolio management software, like HP PPM and Daptiv PPM software, actually does has always made sense to the management of an organization. The problem before has always been the size of the undertaking which has lead to inefficiency due to details being overlooked. A good example of this is in the procurement of resources, which was iterated by the HP PPM demo. Since you have a core business, many of your projects will have some raw materials that are common to all of them. By knowing what you need and when you need it, you can better organize your order from the raw materials supplier. This type of bulk ordering generally results in a discounted price, which will lower your overhead. When this is done on every component by the project procurement management software, even if the raw material is only used in 2 projects, it will be revealed and orders made appropriately. It is the small details that increase the efficiency of an organization.

Recognizing and Implementing the Best Deliverables

Another key capability of the project portfolio management software is its ability to recognize and implement the best and most efficient dispersment of manpower, budget, and resources on the ongoing projects to maximize their profitability, while reducing the time required for each one and its costs. This is just like the HP project and portfolio management. This is for the reason that it will enable an organization to produce deliverables ready for the market place as quickly as possible so the maximum share of the customer market can be exploited for your organization’s financial gain. With this tool, you will be able to beat the competition to the market place and achieve your goals. Efficiency and organization is the key to maximizing your profits. This has to be done in every aspect of your organization.

Evaluating and Changing of the Process

Once you think you have achieved your goal of improving your organization’s efficiency through the use of program project and portfolio management software, you are not done yet. Because the business world is in a constant state of flux, so should your organization. There has to be a system in place for a continuous evaluation of every process that is executed within your organization. Then, you will need to implement these changes. This is where the change control process is used. The correct implementation of changes, in the areas where they will improve your organization’s cost effectiveness, is vital to your overall process for constant improvement. The evaluation of the proposed changes does still have to be done by the management team and not a computer program. The effects of the results can be forecasted with the use of the computer program.

The PPM software is also used as a depository location for all of the proposed changes. This way, they can be analyzed and give suggestions where they can be most effectively used within your organization. This is done by matching up resources with the financial requirements, along with profit potential of the changes, to produce the best possible result.

Project Portfolio Management Software and its Financial Capability

The project financial management software was designed to assist an organization in being accurate in cost estimation for many different processes involved in the organization, including project costs and cost of PPM Software. This makes it easier for an organization to decide on which project to pursue when the financial revenue is limited. It also assists in helping to choose the most cost effective projects for maximum profitability.

The use of the project portfolio management software in an organization covers nearly every aspect of that company. The correct implementation of such a wide sweeping set of programs does require the active backing by management so the staff will learn to embrace it. Most employees’ daily routines will be altered in some aspect, but the final results of a more efficient organization that has maximized their profit potential will help any company survive in very trying economic times. It will also make any organization precious time to reach their maximum potential in both output of deliverable and profits. This implementation will require training by the personnel that will be using it, but much of that will be on the job after a short introduction course, so the realization of the results will begin immediately.


Meisterplan is a project portfolio management software that ensures your project portfolio is realistic and the most important projects get completed.

  • Build portfolios with the right people working on the most important projects at the best possible time
  • Know which people with which skills are available when, so you can assign the right people to the right projects
  • Ensure that the most important projects receive top priority and are aligned to the corporate strategy
  • Track budgets and financials across your entire project portfolio
  • Manage and analyze your project portfolio to make informed decisions
  • Let your teams work the way they want to work


Scoro is an end-to-end business management software solution for professional and creative services that helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks.

  • Be in control of your project portfolio
  • Manage tasks and track time
  • View real-time reports on every aspect of your work


Planview empower you with a single line of sight across your entire organization and help every team collaborate to create value.

  • Prioritize IT projects to achieve your business strategy
  • Deliver programs that drive innovation and transformational change
  • Put the right resources on the right work at the right time
  • Manage IT project schedules, work, and resources across your entire portfolio
  • Manage costs against budget and across portfolios
  • Analyze portfolio and project performance for better decision making


Micro Focus transforms your digital business with enterprise application software across DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Security, Risk & Governance & Predictive Analytics.

  • Robust data insight
  • Value-driven portfolio
  • Enterprise Agile ready
  • Integrated program, project and request
  • Flexible workflow
  • Open platform


Microsoft Project portfolio management software lets you model portfolio scenarios and evaluate project proposals.

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Systematically evaluate project proposals
  • Seamless BI integration
  • Out-of-the-box reports


Manage the full project lifecycle from a centralized source enabled by project portfolio management (PPM) software. Complete quality work on schedule and within budget with the SAP Portfolio and Project Management application.

  • Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment
  • Identification of project anomalies and risks
  • Project performance reporting based on live data
  • Lower total cost of ownership through preconfigured integration


PPM Express is a project portfolio management software system that connects and offers PPM tools for Azure DevOps, Jira, Planner, Project Online & more.

  • Full Visibility
  • Protect Investments
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Ready to Use
  • Advanced Customizations
  • Cost Management
  • Scalability
  • PPM Capabilities


With ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management you centralize demand management and more easily align resources to business strategy.

  • Align IT resources with strategy when you improve collaboration with stakeholders and manage business needs effectively
  • Work faster with process automation that gives you the insight you need to avoid project delays
  • Facilitate ideation with process automation that gives you the insight you need to avoid project delays


Anaplan’s connected planning platform enables organizations to accelerate decision making by connecting data, people, and plans across the business.

  • Easily import data
  • Customize KPIs and ensure data integrity
  • Breakout metrics with granularity
  • “What-if” scenario planning


Birdview – a full-cycle Resource Management Software to plan, manage and forecast your resources, projects & budgets.

  • Automate and Simplify your Key Workflows with Birdview PSA
  • Always Stay On-Time and
  • Bring All Your Data Together with 2,000+ Integrations


Triskell is a SaaS Project Portfolio Management ( Cloud PPM ) software providing total visibility into your programs, projects, and resources.

  • Strategic Alignment across Project Portfolios
  • Combine financial, qualitative and strategic analysis in a Single Cloud PPM Software
  • Efficient Portfolio Planning
  • Get Portfolios and Projects under control
  • Get the full picture and drill-down into details
  • Align Resource Management with Business Priorities
  • Clear Planning forecast of Resource Demand and Costs
  • Get Budget under Control
  • Adapt budget on the go
  • Easy to use Simulation and Scenario Modeling
  • Configurable dashboard and reports


Make better decisions about which projects to execute and gain improved visibility into resource utilization and project status with Cherwell Project and Portfolio Management software.

  • Execute the Right Projects with Demand Management
  • Advance Strategic Objectives with Portfolio Management
  • Boost Visibility with Project Management
  • Optimize Worker Utilization with Resource Management


KeyedIn Solutions delivers Cloud-based integrated business software systems that focus on the unique needs of specialized vertical markets like yours.’

  • Prioritise the Right Projects and Programmes
  • Manage Projects from Ideation Through Execution and Reporting
  • Capture Day To Day Project Work For Up To Date Health Status
  • Top Down Portfolio Management for Strategic Business Alignment
  • Resource Management – Simplified
  • Centralise Project Data to Save Time and Money
  • Get Better Processes and Compliance with IT Governance Solutions
  • Manage and Track Project Budgets
  • Project Reporting and Analytics

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