9 Skills You Need To Get Hired As A Backend Developer

Nowadays the word combination “backend development” seems familiar to many people, simply because it can be heard quite often. Well, the representatives of this profession are highly demanded and popular. Such giants as Apple and Google are virtually striving for hiring backend developers. As you can guess, the salaries they receive are generous. However, if this field is Greek to you and you really want to master backend development, it can be rather challenging to make sense of it.

Who is a backend developer?

Well, you must understand that there are frontend developers and backend developers. The first ones are responsible for visible parts of a site which include the display design and capabilities. The second ones, on the other hand, devote their time to fixing, working out and changing the software app or system aspects. Typical users simply can’t witness the results of their sophisticated and important work although it is backend developers who create critical programs components and features.

When a system gets a request from someone via a frontend framework, frontend developers confirm that a user is capable of getting the requested information or data. However, there are some other duties of these specialists that include managing app program interfaces, maintaining critical databases and adjusting backend processes for effective performance of any program.

Is backend development worth thinking about?

The recent statistics show that the digital world is growing and evolving extremely fast and the existing tendency proves that online commerce retail revenues are likely to reach more than $4.5 trillion.

Our survey has proved that the majority of the US citizens pick up their devices shortly after they open their eyes in the morning. We read news, check emails, communicate with friends and relatives or browse some media sites. To satisfy all the users requirements top-quality, high-optimized and multi-functional applications and websites are necessary. Consequently, IT sector professionals are of pivotal importance as well.

Backend development presupposes high expertise in algorithms, range of programming instruments and, of course, coding languages. If you are interested in becoming a backend developer, there are a number of things you must know about! Our team has prepared an inventory of 9 crucial skills a person must have to succeed in this sphere. Just keep reading this article till the end and get invaluable information!

1. Backend programming languages

In order to become a professional backend developer a person must master the programming languages. It is as pivotal as foreign languages for translators and interpreters. Backend language is a means of executing instructions and implementing algorithms on computers. There are a couple of languages that are worth learning. To become a backend developer you must have basic knowledge of a few languages and perfectly operate one of them. Below you will find the list of more popular ones.


This general objective programming language is used by backend specialists for app building. This coding language is believed to be the most crucial one for backend development. It is used as a pillar for the backends of such giants as Amazon, Netflix and Uber.

With the help of Java language the developers can build an app that runs on a single device or a network of users and servers. Another beneficial aspect is the ability to develop separate small app modules for website pages. Java also makes the process of garbage gathering and memory supervision automated while users can alter a program safely while it is running.

Another great advantage of Java is that its syntax is relatively easy to master although it is one of the most efficient backend languages for object-oriented development.


It is another crucial language for developers, since it is relatively easy to understand and make use of. Thanks to such simplicity users can easily work with sophisticated websites and systems. Moreover, Python facilitates fast communication between the backend developers who work on the same project.

This language also provides a range of programming styles that involve functional, procedural and object-oriented ones. Due to this Python is believed to be the most flexible backend language. Moreover, it offers outstanding data visualisation for transparent and understandable reports.


Like the two above-mentioned languages this one provides the automatization of a number of developers’ tasks. Nearly 80% of all websites were built using PHP. Thanks to the automation of some routine processes the apps’ performance and functionality increases.


Go language is also known as golang backend language. It was developed internally by Google. The Go language was designed for building highly efficient programs that run on modern distributed systems and multi-core processors.

Go backend language is a strongly statically typed one. It has a fairly concise and simple syntax based on C, but significantly modified, with a lot of syntactic sugar.

2. Popular frameworks knowledge

After the most suitable backend language is chosen and learned, a person is supposed to get acquainted with the frameworks that come along with particular languages.

A web framework is a basis for building specific programs by backend developers using the language they have chosen. For example, for Java language Micronaut or Spring are used, while for Python you may choose Flask Django framework.

3. Data algorithms and structures

Data plays a crucial role in backend development. Due to this, as a developer you are expected to have some basic knowledge about the information structures, processes and algorithms for implementing and displaying this data.

Among the most popular and effective tools are binary and linear search, information sorting, lists, stacks, queue and hashcode implementation.

4. Databases usage

All the information that runs through the website is being tracked and stored in databases. Due to this these databases are contiguous with data structures. That is why backend developers must understand how to operate data storages and make use of available information. Among the most popular and efficient management systems for data storing frequently used by backend developers: Oracle, PostgreSQL and AWS DynamoDB. Thanks to these tools, vast flows of data can be easily handled.

5. Foundational languages

The knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML is essential for frontend developers, however many people may not understand it. Hypertext markup language or simply HTML is the basis of a website. It is something that makes up a structure and makes us see what we see while browsing Internet pages.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS usually used for the document written in HTML presentation and description. This language is responsible for such pivotal visual aspects as layouts, colors and fonts.

On the other hand, JavaScript is essential for building animated and interactive elements of a website. This language works in combination with CSS and HTML to provide engaging experience to the Internet users.

6. The servers understanding

Backend development is a server based one. Due to this it is of pivotal importance for all backend developers to have some knowledge about servers. For newcomers it is necessary to explain that a server is a system which offers resources, information and some crucial services which include the security and storage of files and databases.

Among the most frequently used servers are Microsoft, NGINX and Apache. Moreover, if you know Linux, it can be entirely beneficial, since the vast majority of these servers support Linux operating systems.

7. Application Programming Interface knowledge (API)

Nowadays API is an integral part of backend development. It enables connection between a range of applications. While you are using your smartphone, for example, to order something on Amazon, the Amazon automatically connects to the API. In some cases API plays a crucial role in building server architecture. In these terms it can replace complicated programming.

8. Problem-solving

As any other sector, backend development may turn out to be a real challenge. So, if you want to become a good backend developer you must be ready to face numerous problems and be able to cope with them. This may be the best job for those who love analytical work and fix all kinds of problems. Consequently, it will be a great bonus if you are patient, emotionally stable and difficult to destroy. Otherwise you will be forced to develop these skills!

9. Good communication and interpersonal skills

Despite the fact that backend developers can work remotely they are still required to be communicative and flexible. Since, the development of apps or websites requires a number of professionals to work on them, backend developers must get in contact with frontend developers and other team members for settling all issues and ensure that all the processes run smoothly and appropriately.

Drawing conclusions

All in all, to become a well-paid backend developer you must be ready to devote a lot of time, effort and energy to the educational process. Let’s face the truth, it may be said about all existing professions. However, backend development is expected to become more and more popular with each other year. It means that the representatives of this job will be highly demanded and well-paid! That is why backend development is definitely worth thinking about!

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