9 Effective Tools That’ll Help You Minimize Your Outreach Efforts Today

Outreach campaigns let businesses enhance brand recognition, boost revenue, and facilitate their marketing. But it’s also an effortful and time-consuming process. For your outreach marketing to work effectively for you, you need to have the right tools.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of every marketer’s must-have tools when it comes to outreach campaigns:

1. BuzzSumo

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. When you launch an outreach campaign, the first step is prospecting.

BuzzSumo helps you identify which influencers are talking about the topics most related to your niche.

With that, you know who you should reach out to if you want to promote your business through let’s say guest posting. BuzzSumo can help you with content analysis, follow influencers within the app, and look for influencers based on industry.

2. Klear

Klear is yet another outreach tool similar to BuzzSumo. It can help you find influencers and bloggers related to your niche. But this one has an additional feature that any marketer will find handy.

Klear has more advanced analytics. That way, you can select outreach prospects faster and more efficiently. Klear has AI-powered monitors that look for topics you can use for your outreach campaign. They will also match your influencers who specialize in this niche. Klear can also compare your competitors’ engagement, external mentions, and follower growth.

It lessens the time it will usually take to hunt down qualified prospects. On top of that, Klear also generates graphs to make the insights more visual. That way, you can make quick decisions. Klear can also separate genuine followers/subscribers from fake ones. As a result, you will only associate with influencers and bloggers who are worth your time and marketing budget.

3. GMass

After you obtained your prospects, the next big step would be to reach out. GMass is a tool that can help you run cold email campaigns straight from your Gmail inbox. How can GMass help?

It provides you with multiple email templates so you can send blog outreach emails quicker. You can manage and schedule email outreach campaigns.

Mail Merge lets you quickly personalize emails so that you can send them to multiple people without having to go over everything one by one. There is also detailed analytics showing you the number of clicks, opens, and replies.

4. Inky Bee

Similar to any other outreach tool, Inky helps you dig out the best topics and influencers to target for your campaigns. But it has one unique feature: the Ongoing Blog Discovery feature. This feature automatically looks for blogs related to your niche. It also points you towards other influencer opportunities your brand can benefit from.

Blogger outreach tends to become a labor-intensive project. And it is because of this reason that many marketers just give up. To avoid having to reach this point, you have to automate certain processes in blog outreach. Fortunately, that is what Inky Bee can help you with.

5. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is an outreach tool that specializes in speed. According to their website, the tool makes blogger outreach 4x faster. The tool provides you with features that let you streamline all the processes of blogger outreach. One of its highly acclaimed features is the blog database.

The database contains over 15 million blogger profiles. You’ll be able to comb through this database through multiple filters to find the most suited prospect for your outreach campaign.

Narrow them down to your best options. Afterward, you can use the GroupHigh Pitch feature to quickly get in touch with the influencer/blogger. They also have email templates so you can send personalized pitches.

6. Just Outreach

Just Outreach is a tool you can use for press and journalistic opportunities. It has an advanced search function to enable you to look for prospects that best suit your outreach objectives. Some of its most helpful features are broken link discovery, contact information verification, and its analytics tool.

Aside from the strong features, this tool is well-respected for the amount of support that it gives to newbies. The site is packed with training videos to make implementation a whole lot easier.

7. MailShake

This outreach tool is pretty unique. With other platforms, you can look for outreach prospects and send them pitch emails. MailShake lets you target influencers through email, phone, and social media. Also, the tool will enable you to store all your prospects’ contact information.

For email outreach, MailShake lets you automate follow-ups and quickly personalize messages on the fly. This tool has an integrated phone dialer that lets you make cold calls directly from your computer browser. You can also jot down notes whenever you need to do them within the app.

There is also concierge onboarding which is a free consultation for newbies. The internal team will look into your marketing strategy and business plan. And then they will give suggestions based on their experiences.

You can also use it with almost any other tool. MailShake is compatible with a wide range of CMS, workflow, and communication tools including Facebook.

8. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a tool that most marketers will be familiar with. Even though it is not outreach-specific, it can help you search for the best keywords to use for guest blogging opportunities and audit certain websites to see if they will be a good option for your campaign.

SE Ranking also has a backlink checker tool. This will help you monitor your backlink profile to see if any poor-quality websites are linking back to you. This is a helpful feature for link building services to create a backlog of potential linking opportunities for the future.

SE Ranking is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal. It has multiple services and opportunities that go beyond outreach campaigns. It is useful for the entirety of your SEO and digital marketing as well.

9. Snov.io

This is an innovative tool that you can use to automate SEO cold outreach. It lets you organize your data, find prospects, reach out to them, and send them offers directly to their email.

One of its most highly acclaimed features is the Email Finder. Before you get started with your outreach campaign, you need an email list. And if you don’t have that yet, Email Finder lets you look for email addresses through social URL, domain name, and other filters.

The app also has an integrated email verifier so you can detect old and invalid emails. Lastly, they have the Email Drip Campaign feature which lets you automate and adjust email campaigns depending on your needs. It also has plenty of integrations. This means that you can streamline and keep your business correspondence in order.

Final Takeaway

People sincerely consider the opinion of influencers and bloggers in the digital world. This is why outreach campaigns have become a vital ingredient for digital marketing. Aside from that, outreach campaigns also improve SEO tenfold. Unfortunately, the process isn’t the easiest road to take. One reason is the demand for time.

Automating your processes through the tools we’ve discussed here will enable you to better achieve your objects. Have we missed anything? Let us know your favorite outreach tools in the comment section.

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